Get superior protection with Square One

Most policies make you pay extra for critical protection you need. And, some policies only protect against specific loss types. (See below for more information.) With Square One, you get comprehensive coverage that protects against all major loss types including break-ins, hail storms and fires. Plus, our policy automatically includes:

And if you’re a house owner, you automatically receive guaranteed building replacement cost coverage as well as unlimited protection for additional costs incurred due to building code changes.

Learn about traditional home insurance policies

Sadly, the insurance industry has a bad reputation. Many people think that insurance companies try to find ways to deny claims. In reality, most people simply don’t have the right protection. Traditional insurance providers most commonly offer the following three types of home insurance policies:

Named perils:

These policies specify the types of loss that you’re protected against. Typically, this includes fire or lightning, explosion, smoke, falling objects, impact by aircraft or land vehicle, riot, vandalism or malicious acts, some types of water damage, windstorm or hail, and theft or attempted theft. Unless you suffer loss or damage to your home or personal property from one of the specified types of loss, you’re not protected.


On the other end of the spectrum are comprehensive policies, which are also referred to as all-risk policies. These policies protect you against all types of loss except those specifically excluded. Loss or damage due to wear and tear, snowslide or landslide, acts of terrorism, and war are some examples of the types of loss typically excluded in comprehensive policies. Even with the exclusions, comprehensive policies provide you with the best protection and you shouldn’t settle for less.

Broad form:

The best way to describe broad form policies is that they provide comprehensive protection on your home and named perils protection on your personal property. While this may seem like an interesting idea, it’s actually quite silly. Let’s say you’re painting your family room and accidentally drop your TV while moving it. With a broad form policy, any damage to your hardwood floors would be covered, but damage to your TV would not.

It’s confusing, right? Be sure to check that you actually have comprehensive protection with your policy. If you don’t, you’re not fully protected and will be disappointed if you have a claim.

Even if you have a comprehensive policy, you often need to specifically add and pay extra for critical protection you need. In fact, most traditional policies don’t automatically provide earthquake protection , nor do they provide the broadest water protection available. They also don’t provide enough protection in the event that there are additional costs to rebuild your home to current building codes, which means you could be out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars. In all cases, you have to pay extra to be fully protected.