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Saskatchewan home insurance from $15/month

Looking for Saskatchewan home insurance? You've come to the right place. At Square One, you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $15/month. Here's what sets our policy apart from the competition:

You decide what to insure

We offer the only policy in Canada that can be personalized to your needs. You get blanket protection for your most common property and can add coverage for your specialty property.

You only pay for what you need

Traditional policies include $6,000 for fur coats and $5,000 for gold bullion. If you don't own fur coats, or have bricks of gold lying around your home, you don't pay to insure them with us.

You're protected against all major losses

Our comprehensive policy protects against break-ins, hail storms and fires. It also includes critical earthquake, sewer backup and water damage protection. No paying extra.

You'll understand our policy documents

Our policy is the easiest to read in the industry. If you disagree, let us know within 30 days of buying. We'll cancel the policy and refund your entire first month's premium.

You can pay annually or monthly

We offer convenient payment options. You can choose to pay annually or monthly by bank withdrawal or credit card. And, there are no interest charges to pay monthly.

You can get a free quote in 15 minutes

To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. Either way, it only takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

Fast and good service.

"This is the best insurance purchase experience I ever have. I can do everything from home at my leisure. When I have questions, you have agent ready to chat, answer my questions and provide guidance. I chatted with Alan Senneker and he is very nice. I will definitely recommend Square One to someone who have their home insurance due for renewal."

Very satisfied with claims service!

"Call taker upon initial reporting was efficient and effective. Adjuster very promptly contacted me and attended scene with project manager. Very satisfied with service I received. Fortunately, no loss was incurred to us as tenants, and the damage was only to the building itsef. "

Quicker and cheaper than the rest.

"I am very impressed at how much quicker, cheaper and easier the online quote process was with Square one, in comparison to all of the other websites I have looked at today. Thanks!"

Very efficient and pleasant experience with Alan.

"They are very friendly and efficient. I got my insurance over the phone and found the best insurance rate. I also got what exactly what I needed. The agent I talked with is Alan Senneker. He is very professional and friendly. Highly recommended. especially anyone doing rental business. They will be the best company to talk with. Thanks Alan. Thanks Square One."

Breath of fresh air!

"My renewal for coverage was up in three days. I had priced insurance through CDI, Envision, Wotherspoon and the Cooperators over the last couple of months. This older house had many upgrades over the years but still had a few aluminum circuits, which were recently upgraded and certified by my electrical contractor (at a significant cost). Even with the certification, one insurance company wanted to send a Power Check technician (cost) $325 before insuring. Great service so far!"


"It took me approximately 10 minutes to navigate Square One's excellent intuitive web site. I saved $500 on my home insurance and my coverage is superior to that which I had previously. Thanks very much for a hassle free experience."

A pleasant experience.

"Thank you for making this process so painless. I was on several other insurance co. websites and Square One was the best one for ease of use as well as for information. Calling in was also a pleasant experience – I liked being told where I was in the line so I could make the decision to stay on the line or call back. I really appreciated your help and patience."

Best service!!

"Went looking for quotes with many different companies for insurance on my first home. I came across Square One and literally with one phone call, I was blown away. As voiced in many other reviews, Jas Sandhu did an outstanding job answering my questions and reviewing and revising the policy to fit my needs. So easy, unbelievable rates, top notch customer service!"

Simply amazing!

"Wow! Your website is so slick and bad ass! It was so easy to customize my own home insurance policy and I didn't have to spend over an hour on the phone with someone to go over each change one-by-one. I saved over $208 in home insurance premiums by making the switch plus I get earthquake. water, and sewer back-up coverage. How wicked is that?! Thank you for making it so fun to apply for a new home insurance policy."

Awesome experience!!

"Wow what an awesome experience!! Truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to home insurance!! I thankfully found your website and was doing a quote when Jas Sandhu popped up with a chat window and I asked if she could call me. About 30 seconds later the phone rang and about 5 minutes after that all questions were answered the policy was bought and WOW how affordable!! I really had no idea I was paying for coverage I didn't really need and would never use for the last 22 years!! Thank you Square One!!"

Thank you!

"I must say, the quote process was so smooth sailing, it was easy to understand what l am buying and paying for. Website works so great. Keep up the good work! I also called in before purchasing and the customer service was excellent, no waits or prompts to speak to some computer system. The rates are unbelievable, no other company in the market can beat that. I am hoping your rates do not skyrocket annually like some of the other companies l refuse to deal with. I will most definitely refer everyone l know."

5 stars!!!

"I was dreading having to wait on hold for insurance. BUT with Square One, my call was answered instantly, they already had all the information in front of them, asked me some questions and within a short amount of time my home was insured with Square One. So impressed, I would definitely recommend them to everyone. Thanks so much Derek at Square One."

Cannot beat Square One for home insurance!

"I have been using Square One for our home insurance for nearly 3 years now, and I can honestly say that their affordability, customer service, and user-friendly on-line quoting process is top notch! Basically anyone who has home or renter's insurance should be using these guys!"

Tenants insurance quote from Devon.

"Devon was quick, concise and described all the ins and outs of the policy making it workable for me. I received great quality service and highly recommend Devon and her abilities to deal with new insurance claims to others. I appreciated the value received by Square One and also appreciated the ability to work around issues other insurers would not accept. Thanks Square One and Devon. I hope to see the continued quality service through this company."

Fantastic experience!!!

"This is the first time in over 40 years I have had a great experience dealing with an insurance company. Great job!!! Your web site was easy to navigate and to complete the information required for the appropriate insurance coverage. I will promote 'Square One' to all my friends. Thank you soooo much."

Best insurance website in Canada!

"For those of us who want to buy insurance online without having to go through a broker and pay 15% more (i.e. those that live in the 21st century), then Square One is by FAR the best online sales website of home insurance I have come across. I tried various other sites (some big banks and some comparison websites) and none would give me the flexibility and choice that Square One did. I was able to literally go through each line of the insurance policy and choose the limits/deductibles that I wanted whilst able to see to real the impact of my choice on my premiums instantaneously. The website is extremely user friendly and an example out there to the other insurers of Canada in what's possible if you modernize and shift insurance into the 21st century."

Best insurance experience ever.

"I was referred to Square One by a friend and thought to give them a try. I completed the online application and got a quote in minutes. Being that my request was for a rental property one of the agents had to call me an complete the missing info. In less than an hour, I received a quote and it was almost 30% less than what was quoted from a few other brokers. Thank you Derek Feswick for your help. Great experience with Square One."

Fantastic insurance!

"On Friday, I asked for a quote which was outside their usual limits and with unusual requirements. On Monday morning, I had a quote that satisfied my special requirements and was a $1,000 less than any previous quotes. My agent, Devon McGuire, was fantastic in confirming the details of the policy, answering my questions and conforming my policy was in immediate effect. I've insured homes since 1985, this was far and away the BEST insurance experience that I've EVER HAD."


"I have never had such a positive experience when dealing with an insurance company. The service is always fast and courteous and I LOVE that I only pay for what I need - I get to choose what I want!! The best part is that I'm not locked into a contract. I can cancel my policy at any time with no penalties!!! I am blown away & amazed by your customer service - I will recommend Square One Insurance to everyone!!! Thank you for making a (usually) stressful experience into an awesome experience!!!!"

Excellent quote & service.

"I shopped around for quotes and my previous company that I had been with increased their premiums by double, with having no claims. I called Square One after getting an online quote and spoke with Jas Sandhu, she was polite, courteous and very helpful. My quote was half of what others quoted me with the same coverage. I am very glad i made the switch to Square One for home insurance!"

Amazing customer service!

"I just had the most amazing customer service experience ever. Spoke with Jas Sandhu. She was very professional and took time to explain to me things that I did not understand about the policy. And I got a very good rate for my home compared to what some of the other companies in Toronto were quoting me. Thank you Square One Insurance I am at peace now as I was seriously stressed about not having coverage on my home."

Really good customer experience!

"Absolute bliss talking to Devon and dishing out the paper work. She was extremely professional and replied to my emails really quickly. I also had a very good explanation for any of my questions and did not have any time wasted over extra details that did not matter. Great organization. Crisp conversations. Brilliant value for the buck."

Quick service. Great rates.

"I'm really impressed with Square One and the quick and friendly support I received over the phone. In a matter of minutes, I received quotes for two of my rental properties. Moreover, I did some shopping around, and these rates were by far lower than other competitors in the market. Thanks Square One!"

Great, friendly service.

"The service was very friendly, clear and helpful. After submitting a change of address online, an agent phone the next morning to follow-up to see if there needed to be any changes made to the policy. Great service."

A great asset to your company.

"The service was excellent. Jas was very straight forward and answered any questions that I had. She was very thorough. She is a great asset to your company. I would recommend her to anyone looking for home insurance. Thank you for all of your help."

- Stanley C. from Brampton, ON on Jul 19, 2014.
- Rachel M. from Brampton, ON on Jul 18, 2014.
- Emma M. from Brampton, ON on Jul 15, 2014.
- Yun H. from Brampton, ON on Jul 10, 2014.
- Al H. from Brampton, ON on Jul 8, 2014.
- Nick from Brampton, ON on Jul 4, 2014.
- Penny L. from Brampton, ON on Jun 25, 2014.
- Kirk V. from Brampton, ON on Jun 25, 2014.
- Pablo S. from Brampton, ON on Jun 23, 2014.
- Douglas S. from Brampton, ON on Jun 20, 2014.
- Mary M. from Brampton, ON on Jun 19, 2014.
- Jessica W. from Brampton, ON on Jun 13, 2014.
- Brent M. from Brampton, ON on Jun 9, 2014.
- Melannie H. from Brampton, ON on Jun 5, 2014.
- Brian H. from Brampton, ON on Jun 5, 2014.
- Michael S. from Brampton, ON on May 26, 2014.
- Andi S. from Brampton, ON on May 22, 2014.
- A. Harvey B. from Brampton, ON on May 12, 2014.
- Candice R. from Brampton, ON on May 2, 2014.
- Hasina R. from Brampton, ON on May 2, 2014.
- Yvonne S. from Brampton, ON on Apr 25, 2014.
- Richard N. from Brampton, ON on Apr 10, 2014.
- Allan C. from Brampton, ON on Apr 1, 2014.
- Christopher S. from Brampton, ON on Mar 27, 2014.
- Susan B. from Brampton, ON on Mar 27, 2014.

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  • Characteristics of your home and its use, and answers to a few underwriting questions.

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