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Saskatchewan home insurance from $15/month

Looking for Saskatchewan home insurance? You've come to the right place. At Square One, you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $15/month. Here's what sets our policy apart from the competition:

You decide what to insure

We offer the only policy in Canada that can be personalized to your needs. You get blanket protection for your most common property and can add coverage for your specialty property.

You only pay for what you need

Traditional policies include $6,000 for fur coats and $5,000 for gold bullion. If you don't own fur coats, or have bricks of gold lying around your home, you don't pay to insure them with us.

You're protected against all major losses

Our comprehensive policy protects against break-ins, hail storms and fires. It also includes critical earthquake, sewer backup and water damage protection. No paying extra.

You'll understand our policy documents

If you need a law degree to understand your policy, something's wrong. At Square One, we've worked hard to make our policy the easiest to read in the industry.

You can pay annually or monthly

We offer convenient payment options. You can choose to pay annually or monthly by bank withdrawal or credit card. And, there are no interest charges to pay monthly.

You can get a free quote in 15 minutes

To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. Either way, it only takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

Great service.

Easily changed my policy online with the help of a online representative. Jason Vander Zalm was very helpful and efficient with his replies. Thank you!

Tenant insurance.

I am 63 and although I have rented for forever, this is the first time that I needed tenant insurance. My friends recommended you based on your rates and customer service. I completely agree with them as applying was "a piece of cake" and your quote was completely in line with what they had shared with me. You made it so easy so "thanks a million"!!!

Home insurance.

I shopped around online for home insurance and as first time home buyer, I was really impressed by software tools you provided. It made it so much easier to navigate and choose my options for insurance. I will definitely recommend Square One to my friends and family. Thank you!

Excellent service.

You are an excellent group to deal with. You speak English instead of Insurance and make the policies easy to understand. Thanks.

Customer satisfaction.

I was very impressed by Ms. Farran Adams handling of my home insurance policy purchase. She was very pleasant to talk to, and I felt at ease dealing with her. She processed my insurance application expeditiously. Thanks Farran for your help and guidance.


As our old policy with a different company was up for renewal, and we had moved from an apartment to a house, we decided to shop around. The quote was fast, easy to understand, comprehensive and a great price for what we wanted and received. I also had prompt and friendly service on the phone.

Great assistance.

I went to Square One insurance in person and talked to Gurkaran Hothi. Great assistance, made it very easy for us to make a decision. I didn't feel pressured which helped me make the decision to take Square One as my insurer.

The way insurance quotes should be.

Square One's customer relationship management is to be applauded. Great follow ups, seamless transition between online quotes and phone conversations, and a no-hassle way of getting a policy in place with a minimum of overhead. Rates came across as very competitive. Luckily, we haven't had to make a claim yet, so I can't comment on the claims side - I hope the standard is as high there.

Thank you for the quick and friendly service

I was told by my regular house insurer that they couldn't cover me when I started renting my property out. I also spent 30 mins on hold with a major bank's insurance department before being told they couldn't help me before finding Square One online. I was delighted when I could apply for a policy with Square One online and speak with a knowledgeable advisor over the phone.

New home insurance.

This quote package available is easy and great. You can see what every bit of coverage is going to cost, and decide what value it has for you. I have used the chat line several times also and have also received the information I required. Great system.

Super streamlined.

LOVED being able to do this all on line without having to talk to an agent. I know exactly what I was wanting/needing and just wanted to do it FAST. This worked well and was more affordable than other sites. Very pleased! Highly recommend!

Great customer service.

I just purchased insurance with Square One. I was very impressed by the professional service provided by the agent I spoke with, and the ease of customization of options, both online and by phone.

Non-intimidating home insurance!

This is the first non-intimidating home insurance policy that I have applied for. The questions were fair and pointed. The experince has been enlightening. I have been relieved of a heavy burden. THANK YOU.

Nice, helpful and really knowledgeable.

Dustin was GREAT! He helped me with what I needed, gave me a great rate. I then got married so I wasn't able to get back to him for a while, but he did follow up. Once I had the time I went back to my follow up email from Dustin told him to give me a call and then he waited patiently on the phone with me to get my banking information to set up my policy today. I believe there should be a press one and it should lead to Dustin because he was nice, helpful and really knowledgeable. Thank you!

Great price and website.

Website its really user friendly. Even I do not understand insurance terminology the explanation were really helpful. I saved $100 from my previous policy with much more coverage.

Great chat service!

Great experience using your live agent! Unlike many other service providers, your agent was helpful, answered all my questions and was nice. Thanks for providing a great and helpful user experience.

Excellent price and service!

I have looked high and low for a good insurance for my place but none could offer me what I wanted and really needed. Sqaure One is the best in the market to my knowledge. They won't try to sell you something you don't need. I'm pleasantly surprised by the price and level of professionalism that they offer. THANK YOU !

Awesome experience!

OK, no one likes to be dealing with insurance agents on the phone to get the best insurance. Debbie B, was courtesy, knowledgeable and efficient. She showed all the elements that can influence the fees and what worked best. I was done an entire quote in less then 15 minutes, and Debbie knew her stuff. Reps make the difference at Square One!

So straight forward

I was impressed with the options to personalize the insurance to fit our needs. And each time we did so, we could immediately see what effect it had on the policy.

Peace of mind.

I am extremely grateful that I was directed to your website. I have never heard of you, neither have some people that I spoke to last night. I explained your willingness to assist me after what I have suffered with my daughter and a lapse of memory, which my previous insurance used penalised me and cancel my insurance. I thank you, because you really took a load off of my mind. Everyone that comes in contact with me from now, looking for home insurance will know about Square One Insurance.


The form was so easy to follow and fill out. I tried searching for other quotes online and gave up because they were too complicated. I am most excited about the savings! Thank you for the amazing price. Now I am looking forward to an amazing service. I would love to recommend your company.

Best insurance conversation I've ever had!

Was frustrated with a big insurance company's inconsistent messaging. Thanks for setting this right and for SAVING ME BOATLOADS OF CASH!

Very pleased!

After an extremely frustrating experience with our previous home insurance provider, I started shopping around and received a quote from Square One. I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service we received from Jas. We were able to get a policy that better met our needs at a very good price.

Excellent tool to buy policy.

It's so easy and I could customize my coverage. Took even more coverage from the previous policy and saved $500.00 annually. I realized I was being ripped off by my previous broker. I recommend this hassle free tool to every one. Please note in two ocassions my home policy was cancelled due to miscommunications (having no fault of mine). But I was forced to pay extra last two years. With Square One, I really now have a peace of mind. Nevertheless, not sure how would they behave once I need them most. Overall, it looks Square One would be good.

Amazing customer service!

Just wanted to write to you about your amazing rep, Jas Sandhu. She was so thorough with our needs and explained everything to me about signing up for a new home insurance policy. Things that I never knew about home insurance. She was so kind and very helpful. What an amazing rep you have. I will certainly tell all my family and friends to get insurance with you. Thank you Jas from the bottom of my heart.

- Marie T. from Burnaby, BC on Oct 21, 2014.
- Jill G. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 20, 2014.
- Homira N. from Hamilton, ON on Oct 18, 2014.
- Lisa H. from Burlington, ON on Oct 17, 2014.
- Mark R. from Mississauga, ON on Oct 16, 2014.
- Christopher R. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 13, 2014.
- Philippe H. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 9, 2014.
- Trevor H. from Toronto, ON on Oct 7, 2014.
- Bridget M. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 5, 2014.
- Gail J. from Chestermere, AB on Oct 1, 2014.
- Jo M. from North Vancouver, BC on Sep 29, 2014.
- C.B. from Pickering, ON on Sep 25, 2014.
- George R. from Maple Ridge, BC on Sep 17, 2014.
- Tarina M. from Richmond, BC on Sep 15, 2014.
- Hector N. from Surrey, BC on Sep 11, 2014.
- Ketevan N. from Vancouver, BC on Sep 11, 2014.
- Yasmine R. from Toronto, ON on Sep 4, 2014.
- Afftab P. from Toronto, ON on Aug 29, 2014.
- Keith S. from Scarborough, ON on Aug 27, 2014.
- Marilyn M. from Mississauga, ON on Aug 20, 2014.
- Nathaniel B. from Langley, BC on Aug 19, 2014.
- Beth B. from Kingston, ON on Aug 19, 2014.
- Jennifer R. from Merritt, BC on Aug 19, 2014.
- Md Sazid I. from Ajax, ON on Aug 18, 2014.
- Luigi and Tina S. from Innisfil, ON on Aug 15, 2014.

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