Manage your claim

No one expects to suffer a loss. If you do, that’s where your Square One home insurance policy can help. For information on reporting and managing your claim, please see below. If this is the first time (or if it’s been a while since) you’ve had a claim, please review the claims process and common claims questions sections of our website.

Report a new claim

No one can control when accidents happen. That’s why Square One offers 24-hour emergency claims service.

For emergency assistance day or night, call us at 1.855.331.6933. You have our commitment that you’ll be speaking with a licensed claims adjuster within two hours. The adjuster will guide you through the claims process, including what you can do to deal with the immediate emergency. If your safety, or the safety of your family is at risk, please be sure to call 911 first.

The easiest way to report a non-emergency claim is to log in to your online account. Once logged in to your account, click on the “Claims” tab. Then select the appropriate policy from the dropdown menu. Finally, click on the button to “Report a new claim”. You’ll be asked some basic information about the claim. Once submitted, an adjuster will contact you within 1 business day.

Of course, you are also welcome to call at 1.855.331.6933, Monday to Saturday between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm (PT), to report your non-emergency claim.

When reporting a claim, please have the following information available:

  • Your name;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your insurance policy number;
  • The address of the property; and,
  • Basic information on the claim.

Log in to your online account

Manage an existing claim

At Square One, we are committed to providing you with outstanding claims service.

If you have any questions regarding your claim, your first phone call or email should be to your Square One adjuster.

If for any reason you can’t get in touch with your adjuster, please call us at 1.855.331.6933 between the hours of 6:30 am and 6:30 pm (PT), Monday to Saturday. And, we’ll make sure you receive the service you need.

You may want to review the claims process to get a sense of how things should progress, as well as answers we’ve prepared for the most common claims questions.

Great claims service.

I had a water pipe bust in our house and there was a lot of damage. I was surprised to see that even at 1am at night I got a call back from the adjuster who was ready to send somebody immediately for remedial work. The entire process from initial demolition to reconstruction was done very professionally and in a couple of months time I was back to where we were originally. I am pleased by the work done by Rupert Pong at the insurance company and the adjuster, Graham, for making the entire process smooth. I would highly recommend this insurance company to everyone. Thank you!

- Ullah F. from Mississauga, ON on Dec 15, 2015.

Amazing service.

I am super impressed with the rates and love the web presence/interface which makes buying insurance a very transparent process. In the past, I could never tell what my insurance covered but with Square One I know exactly what I am covered for and the associated costs. I also appreciate that the comprehensive policy automatically includes coverage for sewer backup and water damage. I recently reported a claim online and the process was seamless. An adjuster contacted ... " Read more me back very promptly and was extremely professional in walking me through the entire process. I have already referred my friends to Square One and they too are extremely impressed with the rates and web presence. Fantastic job!"

- Peter L. from Burnaby, BC on Nov 2, 2015.

Unbelievable customer service and support.

I cannot say enough about my insurance claim process through these folks. My adjuster, Scott Trepke, out of Vancouver has made what could have been a horrible experience so stress free. He is fast, reliable and very calming and exactly what you want when you have to go through a claim. Thank you!

- Melanie N. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 20, 2015.

Great claims experience.

Our basement flooded the second day after moving in our home. Everyone involved in the process was highly professional, and addressed our concerns and questions in a very timely manner. Since insurance policies can be difficult to understand they even took the time to explain everything to us in detail to ensure no questions were unanswered. Thumbs up Square One!

- Candice K. from Toronto on May 11, 2015.

Professional claims service.

Scott was very professional and polite when dealing with my claim. Whether by phone or email, he did a great job to answer my questions. Thanks again and will recommend Square One to my friends.

- John B. from New Westminster, BC on Apr 7, 2015.

Excellent claims service!

The service provided by the adjuster Darren Ho was exceptional. Keeping me informed of the developments, and helping me to deal with the strata. He is one of the good reasons to stay with Square One.

- Ichu C. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 6, 2015.

Easy as pie!

Also, having used them previously and having to make a claim I can confirm the experience was as painless as possible.

- Bruce B. from Vancouver, BC on Mar 11, 2015.

Amazing claims service!

Rupert has being an amazing adjuster to guide me through my claim. He is very responsive and patient with my questions. I feel I'm being taken care of in such unhappy incident. The service is high and beyond my expectation. I've already recommended Square One to quite a few friends, and I know a couple of them have signed up!

- Xing Yu W. from Burnaby, BC on Dec 30, 2014.

Amazing claims service!

When my bike was stolen, I was very upset. The staff at Square One were sympathetic and helpful. First, I was very impressed that the same agent helped me through the entire process so I did not need to repeat myself as with other services (i.e. telecoms, banks, etc). He explained what I needed to do clearly and replied quickly throughout my claim process. My claim was processed quickly and efficiently, and now I can enjoy the rest of my summer back on two wheels. Highly recommended! :)

- Patricia G. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 30, 2014.

Very satisfied with claims service!

Call taker upon initial reporting was efficient and effective. Adjuster very promptly contacted me and attended scene with project manager. Very satisfied with service I received. Fortunately, no loss was incurred to us as tenants, and the damage was only to the building itsef.

- Rachel M. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 18, 2014.

Grateful for easy claims service.

Not having my grandmother's engagement ring was a very difficult thing for my fiancé and I. Dealing with Square One was so easy. I'm so grateful that I was able to get the ring re-made best we could and without any issues. So pleased with my experience that I would recommend Square One to anyone.

- Renee S. from Vancouver, BC on Mar 17, 2014.

Commendable claims service and professionalism.

The customer service team at Square One Insurance, including the adjuster and contractors, were efficient and highly professional from the outset of my claim. I was treated fairly and kept informed throughout the entire process. Dealing with the many contractors was equally a pleasure, and hassle free, as they worked around my schedule. I am highly satisfied with my experience and will recommend Square One Insurance to all my friends and family. A great big "Thank you!" for your commendable service and professionalism to all those involved.

- Clint H. from Surrey, BC on Mar 4, 2014.

Great claims experience

I had heard a lot of negative things about insurance in BC and was dreading making a claim when our bikes were stolen. I was very pleasantly surprised with the attitude and professionalism of Kris at Square One. She was very responsive, answering questions rapidly and working with me to get this claim processed very quickly. This was particularly surprising given that it happened over the Christmas period. We had replacement bikes quite quickly and I was also surprised that our premiums didn't jump dramatically. Thank you.

- Justin M. from Vancouver, BC on Jan 21, 2014.

Excellent company, I am impressed

I was very impressed when I first purchased my policy from Square One. I am more impressed and please when I need help. I have a leak in the condo and I filed a claim not knowing whether that's the right thing to do. The adjuster called me less than 15 minutes from I click the button on my computer. He explain all the things I should do and was extremely helpful. Square One is a top notch company, I definitely will spread this message to all my friends.

- Albert L. from Vancouver, BC on Jan 13, 2014.

Fabulous experience with an insurance company

Wow. Nice when you have a fabulous experience with a insurance company. When I lost the diamond bracelet that my husband gave me for our anniversary after only seven days I was devastated. However was extremely pleased to find out when I phoned our insurance company that my policy covered mysterious jewelry disappearance. I had researched low cost home insurance online several years ago and purchased with Square One Insurance over the internet. In the back of my mind ... " Read more I always wondered what would happen if it ever came time to make a claim. Dealing with them day before xmas I received the most amazing service and assurance that everything would be covered and would be handled quickly. I waited several weeks still hoping my bracelet would find its way back to me...but no such luck. I submitted my claim today and it was expedited and approved same day. That is what I call great service!"

- Jo-Ann K. from Victoria, BC on Jan 13, 2014.

You've proven my feelings wrong

I wanted to thank you with your help through the claims process. I've had a very negative perception of insurance services in the past, and you've proven my feelings wrong through this entire process. Daniel was very quick in response, very easy to talk to, and gave me more than enough info and leeway to really make the process understandable and easy for a first time claim. I really appreciate the help, and while I know it's part of his job, it made a big difference in ease of this unfortunate process. I will be recommending Square One Insurance to everyone I can.

- Dexter H. from Vancouver, BC on Dec 27, 2013.

Amazing claims service

THANK YOU Square One for your amazing service! I recently had the unfortunate experience of having my bike stolen. Daniel was my claims adjuster and not only was he knowledgeable and professional, he was very friendly! My bike was stolen on a Monday night and my claim was settled by Wednesday afternoon. It is very reassuring to know that my insurance company was there when I needed them. Thanks again Daniel and Square One!

- Nathan C. from Vancouver, BC on Nov 16, 2013.

Efficiency, professionalism and customer service!

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service in processing my insurance claim for a stolen laptop. This was a challenging experience for me as I was in China when it happened. Daniel was extremely helpful and professional in processing my claim and assisting me in getting all the necessary forms completed. My claim was processed in a very short period of time, considering the challenges. I would highly recommend Square One for its efficiency, professionalism and customer service!

- Sharon S. from New Westminster, BC on Oct 23, 2013.

Claim processed in less than a week!

I couldn't have asked for an easier experience with my Square One insurance claim. Daniel was incredibly responsive and was able to process my claim in less than a week. He was personable and very honest; he even reminded me of things to add to my claim that I hadn't thought of. I really have nothing but the best things to say about my claim experience at Square One.

- Meganne S. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 7, 2013.

Amazing claims service!

The loss of my camera was traumatic enough - the thought of having to "defend" myself to the insurance company had me in cold sweats. I braved the call and instantly felt like someone was on my side - they were here to help. It was an amazing feeling - from angry and defensive to thankful and supported. Thank you Square One - Thank you Daniel.

- Russ E. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 7, 2013.

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