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Saskatchewan home insurance from $15/month

Looking for Saskatchewan home insurance? You've come to the right place. At Square One, you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $15/month. Here's what sets our policy apart from the competition:

You decide what to insure

Personalize our unique policy to your needs. It provides blanket coverage for your most common personal property and optional coverage for your specialty property.

You only pay for what you need

Traditional policies include $6,000 for fur coats and $5,000 for gold bullion. If you don't own furs or gold bricks, you don't pay to insure them with us.

You're protected against all major losses

Our comprehensive policy protects against break-ins, hail storms and fires. It also includes earthquake, sewer backup and water damage protection.

You'll understand our policy documents

If you need a law degree to understand your policy, something's wrong. That's why we've worked hard to make our policy the easiest to read in the industry.

You can pay annually or monthly

Pay your policy annually or monthly by bank withdrawal or credit card. You'll be pleased to know that there are no interest charges to pay monthly.

You can get a free quote in 15 minutes

To see how much you can save on your policy, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. Either way, it only takes 15 minutes.

Policy changes are hassle free!

Thank you to Square One Insurance for having such an easy to use website! I was able to make changes to my home insurance policy in just a few minutes, easily and effectively, and without having to pick up the phone.

New customer.

Your website is easy to use -- even for me, with my limited computer ability! Your rates are much less expensive (about 30%) than my previous policy, and provides better coverage.

Best rates!

Your website is excellent and very easy to use. I have always had to speak with an agent in the past, and this has been both very time consuming and often confusing and/or frustrating in explaining "my" needs to the agent. Besides, your rates and coverage are better than all other home insurance providers that I researched. I will, in fact, be saving about 1/3 of the cost, on lesser coverage, as quoted by my previous insurance provider. Dealing with Square One has been a very good and pleasant experience. Thank you so much.

Airbnb coverage.

Square One's been great. Their prices for coverage have always been highly competitive, it not, half or less of other major insurers in British Columbia. The service has been excellent and their coverage for Airbnb has made them an industry leader in the field and highly progressive. Isn't that what we all need from our insurance companies? The only reason I've ranked Square One as 4 stars is because I have no yet had to rely on my policy to make a claim but I'm sure if I do....I'll be in good hands. Thanks Square One and Alan Senneker.

Saved money, better coverage.

We shopped around and definitely saved money and got better coverage insuring through Square One. Original provider had doubled our premium in 2 years despite us never making any claims in 20 years!

Very nicely designed website!

I am a new customer and have hopeful expectations on the quality of service and product from you. So the only thing I can fairly comment on, at the moment, is your website design: it is superb, easy to use, and most of all, written in plain English. Thank you.

Online insurance quote.

Simple and easy to get an online insurance quote. Rates were excellent. Convenient online payment option made purchasing home insurance a breeze.

Good customer service.

Insurance agent was pleasant and very professional over the telephone. He made sure he explained my policy details and updated my information. Highly recommend this service. The monthly insurance premiums are reasonable.

Good purchase experience.

The online system, chat support and phone support were all very effective in helping us understand our options and understand this new way of purchasing insurance. They also allowed us to customize our coverage to our situation.

Good work!

Very prompt service, website works without any hitches, customer service is polite, efficient and non-intrusive. I can't think of a single negative point. So far, I am very happy with your service/company. Thank you for making our first-time home insurance ownership so easy!

Awesome service!!!

I recommend Square One. I just bought a condo and won't be moving in till after the renovation. I have never had Insurance in my residence before so I am new to this. Jas explained everything very clearly and was a pleasure to deal with. I am pleased with the efficiency and speed that Jas handled my Insurance. I am very happy with Square One!

Always great customer service.

I am always pleased to talk with Alan S. regarding any of our insurance needs. He is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.


This was great! Living in a small studio there was no way I had enough stuff to warrant the $40,000 limits with most tenant insurance policies. This was an GREAT find, so glad I came across your site.

Great for roommates.

Didn't know having a roommate affected your insurance cost so much. Square One is almost the only company that doesn't charge you 10 times more just because you are trying to save money by having a roommate. Theft or something small, a person can recover from, but not being insured for liability can put you in the poor house. Thank you Square One. Our place is in Penticton and I bet most people don't realize they are not even covered if they end up getting a roommate.

Simple and easy to understand process.

I completed the application in 15 minutes. Every coverage was clearly explained and showed the premium for the specific coverage. Easy to use web application and reasonable premium for the coverage. Thank you

Meeting our needs.

We're new to the province and to living in a co-operative. Square One is good at explaining the differences between a strata and an equity co-op and has appropriate coverage at a reasonable cost. Thank you for contacting me about keeping our insurance current and appropriate to our needs. Much appreciated!


Very nice customer service. Easy website to navigate.

Bought with Square One.

Every few years, I review the market to see what insurance premiums are offered. I loved the Square One concept of picking what you want. Their customer service people answered any question I had. I saved $1,000 by switching to them from the insurance company that I had been dealing with the past 10 years.

Fast and friendly service.

Getting an online quote was very easy - the interface is very user friendly. I loved that I could get a detailed quote without feeling pressured by talking with an agent first, particularly as a first time buyer. I spoke with Armine a few times and she was very professional and patient each time. The extended operating hours make things very convenient as well! Thank you!

At insurance company that offers a personalized experience.

We have just switched our homeowners insurance policy to Square One and saved over $500 for the year!!! It couldn't have been easier...the online system walks you through every step, the website is user friendly and intuitive to use, plus there is the option to connect to a live agent at any time. Coverage is personalized - I'm no longer paying for insurance to cover my (non-existent) pewter collection!!! Very happy with the Square One customer experience.

Great website!

I was pleasantly surprised how user-friendly the website is. And, I was happy to see I could buy the policy I selected online. No long phone calls or rushing from work to get to the office. It's also nice to see the level of customization you can have with your policy, and the explanations of each category were clear. Thanks!

Courteous and helpful.

Completing the questionnaire was easy; however, I did change some of the valuations later. The home inventory worksheet was very helpful in establishing a valuation on my personal property. I overlooked a lot during my initial quote. I spoke with 2 agents, Farran and Devon, and both were courteous and helpful.

Easy, easy, easy!

I had this quote sitting in my email for a month. It took one click to fill it out and complete my tenant insurance. Deductibles are high, but it's cheap and easy for a renter.

Helpful and efficient!

The website was efficient and clear. When I called for phone support and clarification, the agent with whom I spoke was very helpful and supportive.

It's about time!

We received yet another increase from our previous insurer so it was time for a change. We very quickly realized that we have been over insured for years and paying excessive fees. How refreshing that we could choose what we wanted to be covered and for how much. Also liked the online application process which was informative and easy to work through. Would definitely recommend reviewing your existing policy and comparing with Square One to see how much you could save.

- Ashley H. from Whitby, ON on Mar 2, 2015.
- Valerie C. from Markham, ON on Feb 27, 2015.
- Sylvia K. from Markham, ON on Feb 26, 2015.
- Brad Baziw from Vancouver, BC on Feb 24, 2015.
- Alan K. from Calgary, AB on Feb 23, 2015.
- John P. from Surrey, BC on Feb 22, 2015.
- Kerry P. from Brampton, ON on Feb 21, 2015.
- Joan E. from New Westminster, BC on Feb 17, 2015.
- Steve S. from Delta, BC on Feb 16, 2015.
- Sandya T. from Toronto, ON on Feb 14, 2015.
- Katha Teed from Vancouver on Feb 13, 2015.
- Jennifer D. from Guelph, ON on Feb 12, 2015.
- Katharine H. from Vancouver, BC on Feb 11, 2015.
- Nichole T. from Penticton, BC on Feb 11, 2015.
- Roman M. from Toronto, ON on Feb 7, 2015.
- Constance B. from Vancouver, BC on Feb 5, 2015.
- Alyse T. from Ottawa, ON on Feb 4, 2015.
- Albert N. from Sturgeon County, AB on Feb 3, 2015.
- Alison W. from Toronto, ON on Jan 24, 2015.
- Mandy C. from North Vancouver, BC on Jan 24, 2015.
- Brett B. from Vancouver, BC on Jan 22, 2015.
- Susan K. from Scarborough, ON on Jan 19, 2015.
- Jeff G. from Toronto, ON on Jan 19, 2015.
- Julia L. from Vancouver, BC on Jan 16, 2015.
- Carl B. from Delta, BC on Jan 15, 2015.

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