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“Made us feel comfortable”

Watch Rohit S. from Calgary, AB describe his claims experience.

“Square One is just so simple”

Watch Shelly B. from London, ON describe her service experience.

“They really took care of us”

Watch Sitar D. from Port Moody, BC describe her claims experience.

Gold standard

Thank you for immediately notifying me about the delay in my payment. Not only was I able to rectify it immediately through your website late on a Friday evening, but receiving the email confirmation immediately has put my mind at ease knowing that my coverage has not been interrupted throughout the weekend. If only all insurance providers actually provided this amazing service you provide. You've set the new gold standard. Thank you!
- Maryann Treffers from Vancouver, BC on May 25, 2013

Response: Maryann, thanks so much for the feedback. We're glad to learn the self-service options we offer worked well. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.


I never knew that buying insurance could be this easy, no pushy sales people, selling you what you don't want. You can do it all online without any hassle. It's a pity that you can't buy cars this easily. Keep it up guys you are doing a great job.
- Ray Deller from Lantzville, BC on May 23, 2013

Response: Hi Ray, thank you so much for the feedback. I'm so pleased to learn that you were happy with your experience. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Great service

My husband and I have spent the past few days obtaining multiple quotes for tenant insurance. In the end, the choice was clear and we purchased our coverage through Square One. We really liked the ability to customize our policy to meet our specific needs. We also had a wonderful customer service experience. Agents were helpful and accommodating. Thank you!
- Sally Fernandes from Burnaby, BC on May 17, 2013

Response: Hi Sally, thank you for choosing Square One. It's nice to learn that the ability to personalize your policy was appealing to you, and that our agents were helpful. All the best, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Excellent choice for home insurance

An excellent choice for home insurance. They let you choose what kind of insurance you require and you only pay for what you need, rather than automatically charging you for coverage you will never use. Our monthly insurance premium went down by $40 a month using Square One and I would recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!
- Cynthia from Victoria, BC on May 16, 2013

Response: Hi Cynthia, I'm glad to learn we were able to save you so much on your home insurance! Thanks for choosing Square One. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Great experience

I had a great experience dealing with Square One Insurance. My agent, Sheilagh Middleton listened to my insurance needs and got a quick response. She was professional, honest and extremely helpful. I felt that there was a definite personal touch to the service and the rates are more than competitive. I feel very confident dealing with this company because of her personal attention specifically to my needs. I will definitely recommend Square One to my friends and family. I was very disillusioned with my own very large and extremely impersonal company that I had been with for 25 years. Thanks again for being a great company in a tough industry! 5 Star Rating!!!
- Laurel Holth from Calgary, AB on May 15, 2013

Response: Laurel, thanks so much for the feedback. We're very lucky to have you as a customer and Sheilagh as a member of our team. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Surprisingly pleasant

After spending an entire day shopping around and comparing insurance policies, I popped by Square One on a referral from a friend. It was an entirely different experience from the other companies. I felt I was able to really tailor every last bit of the policy to fit my exact needs. Things I didn't want or need weren't shoved down my throat and extra coverage I had never thought of was easy to comprehend with clear and concise presentation. The online customer service made any small questions easy to ask and I could answer all the questions with confidence. The customer support overall seems to go above and beyond. I'm thrilled with my new policy, I really do have piece of mind and I'd recommend Square One to anyone and everyone looking for a new, better insurance policy.
- Drew Carnegie from Vancouver, BC on May 11, 2013

Response: Drew, we so greatly appreciate your feedback and we look forward to being your home insurance provider for may years. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

I will recommend it to all my friends

I have just purchased a condo policy. It was a positive experience. You fill in all the blanks and make a few simple decision. You don't have to wait for someone to get back to you. Make your decision and purchase the policy right there and then. If you have any question, there is always someone on line ready to help you. Purchasing an insurance policy should be something simple and straight forward. Square One has done a great job!!! I do not have to deal with brokers, agents, etc. Thank you Square One!!!
- Albert Leung from Vancouver, BC on May 10, 2013

Response: Hi Albert, I'm so pleased to learn that you found our online quote system easy to use. And, we look forward to being your home insurance provide for many years. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Thank you!

My contact, Jas Sandhu, has been most helpful since the day I applied for a Tenant Insurance with Square One. Her attention to detail and prompt delivery of service has been well noted. Her great customer service is the reason why I recommend Square One Insurance to all my friends. Thank you, Jas!
- M de Leon from on May 3, 2013

Response: Thank you so very much for your feedback. Jas is fanstastic, isn't she? In fact, all of our agents are fantastic. Thanks again. Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

So far so good!

I just switched to these guys and saved over $400 a year on my home insurance! I just signed up today so I'm not sure how it is to deal with them but the quote over the internet and the purchase of the policy was incredibly easy. There web site is very well designed. Definitely a company worth considering!
- Cory from Vernon, BC on May 3, 2013

Response: Hi Cory, thanks so much for your feedback. Glad to learn you saved money with us and found our website easy to use! If you ever do have a claim, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our approach and service. We're committed to delivering an outstanding claims experience. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.


Pleasant staff local (provincial) offices and very professional. I hope I never have reason to use them but I am glad they are here.
- Ken from Prince George, BC on May 2, 2013

Response: Hi Ken, thanks so much for the feedback. Glad we're able to serve you. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Top quality service and price

Where else do you get to talk to the CEO of a company on chat when you have issues at 10pm??? Not only did I get my questions answered but I have the quote I want with all the coverage that I need and nothing that I don't need. Thanks guys.
- Hu from Vancouver, BC on May 1, 2013

Response: Dear Hu, thanks so much for your kind words. We really appreciate your business. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

I hit the jackpot!

I was desperately searching for a new company to insure my place with, after many years of unsatisfactory service. My daughter recommended Square One. I am thrilled. I dealt with Debbie, who was so helpful, and helped me in many decisions. I really hit the jackpot here, and saved money into the bargain.
- Mary Huige from New Westminster, BC on Apr 30, 2013

Response: Mary, we really appreciate your feedback and your daughter's recommendation! And, I am glad to learn that you found Debbie to be helpful. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Excellent service

When dealing with Square One, I don't feel like I'm talking to a machine or someone reading from a script. I've communicated with knowledgeable and friendly staff who have always put their client first. Thank you for being awesome!
- Ryan from Vancouver, BC on Apr 30, 2013

Response: Ryan, we so greatly appreciate the feedback. We really do try to put our clients first. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Good service

I just chat with company staff -- Kristina Wheeler. She was so great and knowlegible. It is great help for people.
- David from Calgary, AB on Apr 27, 2013

Response: David, thanks so much for the feedback. We're so glad to learn you were happy with the service Kristina provided. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Tailored to my needs

I was very impressed that the online questionnaire was so thorough. It let me choose what coverage I wanted, tailored to my needs. I don't have expensive jewelry or gold bars, etc. So, I could say NO to that coverage. I didn't know you could get dog coverage!!! The other companies never offered that! So, I am pleased.
- Rosemary from Nanaimo, BC on Apr 25, 2013

Response: Rosemary, thanks so much for your feedback. It's nice to hear that you like the fact that you get to choose what to insure. We look forward to being your home insurance provider for may years! Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Square One Insurance 855.331.6933 1218-650 W Georgia St Vancouver BC, ​​V6B 4N8 Canada 4.8 5.0 3237 3237 I really enjoyed the online service, not having to know all the information about my home like the year it was built and the square footage was really a time saver. Square One did

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