The right policy type to meet your needs

Do you own or rent your home? Are you insuring your primary residence or a rental property? Is it a detached house or an apartment? Whatever your situation, Square One offers a range of home insurance policy types. Click below to learn more about the policy type you need.

Don’t see the policy type you need? Check out the list of other policy types we offer. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 to speak with one of our agents. We’re open from 6:30 am and 6:30 pm (PT), Monday through Saturday.

Home insurance for as little as $15/month

Square One home insurance policies start at $15/month, making them among the most affordable in all of Canada. With us, you won’t be asked irrelevant questions or offered unneeded protection when you get a quote. Instead, you get to choose what to insure so you only pay for what you need. Square One is the only home insurance provider in Canada that lets you personalize your policy to your needs. That means you get more relevant protection and save money.


Great coverage

Most policies make you pay extra for critical protection you need. And, some policies only protect against specific loss types.

With Square One, you get a comprehensive coverage that protects against all major loss types including break-ins, hail storms and fires. Plus, our policy automatically includes:

Specialty property

Traditional policies provide too much protection for china, silverware and furs, and not enough for cameras, computers and cell phones. At Square One, electronics are insured as personal property, without pesky sub-limits.

As for specialty property, you can choose what to insure and you do so on a blanket basis. That means if you own 3 pieces of jewellery, each worth $5,000, you can simply select a $15,000 limit for jewellery and watches.

Deductible options

A deductible is the portion of an insured loss that you must pay before your home insurance policy will respond.

Selecting a higher deductible is one of the easiest ways to reduce your premium. Plus, by not claiming the small stuff, you’ll protect your claims free discount. This discount could easily total 15% or more.

So, consider taking a $1,000 or $2,500 deductible and pocket the savings.

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