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Best experience, best rate, best online process.

This is by far the best Online insurance experience. Rate is much better than anywhere else and the online application was so simple and straight forward. In less than 15 mins I did purchase a policy and save and saved over $244 per year off my policy with LOT LOT MORE value. THIS IS TOP NOTCH SERVICE AND QUALITY. Just using the online portal has help me better understand my Insurance.

Amazing and seamless!

Thank you! This was the easiest purchase of insurance EVER!!! Glad to give you my business!

Professional claims service.

Scott was very professional and polite when dealing with my claim. Whether by phone or email, he did a great job to answer my questions. Thanks again and will recommend Square One to my friends.

Easy to use, easy to understand.

Great for condominium homes and allows for wider range of options to include or exclude.

This was too easy!

You're not only in a different league as all the other insurers, you're in another UNIVERSE!!! PLEASE OFFER AUTO INSURANCE! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Just lovely!

Web page is sooo user friendly!! Just lovely!!

Very convenient and helpful.

I pay twice the money on TD tenant insurance for the same coverage, and I have to go through the tedious phone call. Square one has a very useful and easy to navigate website for its price!

Excellent claims service!

The service provided by the adjuster Darren Ho was exceptional. Keeping me informed of the developments, and helping me to deal with the strata. He is one of the good reasons to stay with Square One.


A real insurance provider keeping up with the times! Service is excellent, and their online system works fantastic.


It's the easiest, most reliable service I have ever come across!

So easy.

Took 15 minutes and now I am protected. Slick!

Straightforward and painless.

Fairly straightforward process and esy to use interface. I like that it is customizable.

Great online form!

Very intuitive and easy-to-use form. It was quick and pain-free. Couldn't have asked for better.


I am new to Canada and I did not know how home insurance worked here. The representative on the phone was very helpful and explained to me everything in detail. This was very helpful. The online tool allowed me to play with the numbers and make sure I was insuring exactly what I needed without any additional cost. Thanks for everything!

Very proficient!

First hit on Insurance Hotline and then I got a call right away. The rep collected my information quickly and she gave me an accurate quote. I was impressed by the service, little time it took her to provide me with all the information I needed to know. I would recommend Square One for anyone that's looking for home insurance. I hope one day they expand and insure auto as well. I am pleased to choose them over many other companies.

Pleasant, courteous & knowledgeable insurance agent!

What a great experience! Alan patiently answered all my questions. Most pleasant, courteous & knowledgeable insurance agent I ever spoke to. So much so that I finalised my policy in my very first call - without feeling the need to get any counter quote. Thank you so much for your help and advice Alan!!!

Excellent service, great company!

I am very pleased with the insurance coverage and price. Jas at the call centre was very knowledgeable, polite and helpful. Tired of "big insurance companies" with over priced and overly high coverage policies - take it or leave it. Been with the "big firms" for 20 years and they are just too greedy now, I had to change, but fear held me back. I finally had enough and decided to make a change, glad I did. Square One allowed me to select what I want for coverage and ... " Read more at a reasonable price. Square One offered monthly payment by credit card with no additional financing fee. With service and selection options, I am able to change increase or decrease coverage at any time without penalty. I will never go back to the "big insurance" brokerage firms. Square One offers: excellent on-line forms, excellent follow up from the call centre, the best insurance system, and the best price. I would recommend it to anyone."


User-friendly, efficient, excellent customer service. Best Home insurance I had so far.

Amazing customer service!

I just bought an insurance policy from Square One speaking with Nathan Cornale. He was awesome. He was bright and cheerful and helpful! He patiently answered all my questions and I didn't feel pressured to purchase anything I didn't want, he simply gave me all my options and fully explained them. It was so easy and I really appreciated speaking to someone so friendly. Thanks!

Thank you, Alan!

I just wanted to thank Alan for the outstanding customer service, honestly I am surprised at the level of ease in dealing with Square One and you in particular. Alan, you have always provided the most professional, easy and informative customer service. I will continue to recommend Square One to my friends and family.


Easy and cheap. Everything I needed for my first apartment on a budget. Amazing coverage!

New home insurance.

The online process of ordering and being able to pick and choose the options was really nice. Each time I went into another insurance companies branch, I felt like they weren't telling me the whole story and I was either not going to be protected or was going to be paying for something I didn't need. This was straight forward.

Thanks Devon McGuire!

Devon McGuire is professional, helpful and extremely good at her job. Thank you for your efficient work and replies, in order to get this getting this quote done. I am now getting an estimate for other insurance needs with Square One Insurance and I will be recommending your services to others.


This was the easiest and most pleasant experience I have ever had with an insurance company!

Insurance made clear and easy.

After getting several insurance quotes for an investment property I had just purchased, I decided to go wtih Square One. Devon McGuire who is the broker I dealt with made everything very clear with no insurance jargon, was very personable and effecient. This is the kind of service I love to find still exists! The experience was fantastic. Thank you!

- Irene M. from Etobicoke, ON on Apr 8, 2015.
- Charlotte E. from Airdrie, AB on Apr 7, 2015.
- John B. from New Westminster, BC on Apr 7, 2015.
- Marisa C. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 7, 2015.
- Tim L. from New Westminster, BC on Apr 7, 2015.
- Latoya S. from Brampton, ON on Apr 6, 2015.
- William A. from Toronto, ON on Apr 6, 2015.
- Ichu C. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 6, 2015.
- Devon G. from Sylvan Lake, AB on Apr 6, 2015.
- Paulina V. from North Vancouver, BC on Apr 4, 2015.
- Mike W. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 1, 2015.
- Stella L. from Calgary, AB on Mar 31, 2015.
- Konstantin S. from Toronto, ON on Mar 30, 2015.
- Helene L. from North York, ON on Mar 29, 2015.
- Qaseem G. from York, ON on Mar 26, 2015.
- Adarsh S. from Brampton on Mar 25, 2015.
- John M. from Bowen Island BC on Mar 25, 2015.
- Livia B. from Vancouver, BC on Mar 24, 2015.
- Isabel L. from Vancouver on Mar 24, 2015.
- Adam J. from Burnaby, BC on Mar 23, 2015.
- Tyler H. from Cobourg, ON on Mar 23, 2015.
- Jonathan J. from Summerland, BC on Mar 20, 2015.
- Katrina M. from West Vancouver, BC on Mar 20, 2015.
- Adrian C. from Bowmanville, ON on Mar 18, 2015.
- Luana J. from Newmarket on Mar 17, 2015.

Switch to Square One

Wondering why you should switch to Square One? There are so many good reasons to switch, but here are the top three reasons:

  • You decide what specialty property you want to insure. That way, you only pay for the protection you need.
  • You are protected against all major loss types, including earthquakes, hail and wind storms, and sewer backups.
  • ​You can pay monthly, without a financing fee. And after the first month, you can cancel at any time without a penalty.

Understand the quote process

It takes about 15 minutes to get a home insurance quote personalized to your needs. During the quote process, you’ll be asked for:

  • Basic personal information, including your name, phone number, email address and birth year.
  • The address of the home you would like to insure, and if you’ve moved in the past three years, your previous address.
  • Characteristics of your home and its use, and answers to a few underwriting questions.

Get a quote now and save on your home insurance

To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. We're open [constant name="office-hours"], Monday to Saturday. It only takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

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