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Looking for Calgary home insurance? You've come to the right place. At Square One, you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $15/month. Here's what sets our policy apart from the competition:

Critical protection included automatically

If the unexpected happens, you don't want to be caught without the right coverage. Square One policies automatically protect against all major types of loss, including break-ins, earthquakes, fires, hail storms, inland floods, and sewer backups.

Loved by Canadians

With 2,043 reviews from happy customers and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the way we're changing home insurance is getting a resounding thumbs up. Click here to read some of the reviews our customers have written.

Protect all your favourite things in 15 minutes

Our policy provides blanket coverage for your common personal property. You can also add coverage for your specialty property. When you're happy, you can buy online with just a few clicks. Or, speak with an agent for extra peace-of-mind.

Only pay for what you need

Most pre-packaged policies automatically charge you to insure items like fur coats, gold bullion and rare collectibles. Don't own these items? Then you don't pay to insure them with us. If you do have furs or collectibles, we can help you insure those too.

Need to make a claim? That's easy too

It's traumatic enough when something you love is lost or damaged, so we make sure the claim process is simple and straightforward. We're on your side, guiding you through the process from start to finish. See below to find out how we do it.

Pay monthly with no long-term contracts

We're confident you'll love our service and stay with us. That's why we don't lock you into a contract. With us, it doesn't cost more to pay monthly and there's no fixed-term contract. You can also change your policy online at any time.

Great prices, easy to use!

My fiance and I were just approved to move into an apartment tomorrow and needed insurance today, no hassle and no wait period. I googled insurance in Ontario and Square One popped up right away. I initially went to my bank over the telephone but was given the run around regarding payments, my coverage wouldn't have started until mid-April and the quote was fairly high. I found Square One and I'm so glad I did! Easy to use, amazing price, my coverage starts today and I was able to pay via visa debit (which my bank wouldn't let me do, even if it's their card). Thanks Square One!

- Liane J. from Fergus, ON on Apr 1, 2016.

Easy, fast, and a great price.

I got many online quotes prior to discovering Square One. Their website was easy to use and I liked that my quote was the actual final price which I could purchase right there online. For many other insurance providers I needed to talk to a human following the original quote and they always raised it. With Square One the quote did not go higher. They actually advised me on how it could be lower. Finally, the price was 40% less than the closest competitor. Easy to use website, fast service and a great price.

- Francois L. from Gatineau, QC on Mar 9, 2016.

Exceptional experience.

The Square One website is unbelievably user-friendly and the pick-your-own coverage product is very different from other insurance companies. I feel this policy is completely tailored to our needs, and I saved us over $300 a year by doing so! My questions were answered quickly and thoroughly through my online chat - I didn't have wait in a queue or anything. I heard about this company through a friend and I will definitely be recommending them to anyone else I know!

- Jennifer B. from Vancouver, BC on Feb 9, 2016.

The best experience by far!

Everything from the initial call to receiving documents was done in less then 24 hours. Kevin Gan was a pleasure to deal with, he was informative, knowledgeable and very patient. After a week of websites that took 20 minutes to answer questions just to be told to contact the local agent, agents that never returned calls (one even told me in person that he was closing in 30 minutes and I should come back tomorrow), I was very frustrated. Dealing with Square One was an unexpected pleasure. The best by far!

- Donald M. from Oshawa, ON on Jan 6, 2016.

Great claims service.

I had a water pipe bust in our house and there was a lot of damage. I was surprised to see that even at 1am at night I got a call back from the adjuster who was ready to send somebody immediately for remedial work. The entire process from initial demolition to reconstruction was done very professionally and in a couple of months time I was back to where we were originally. I am pleased by the work done by Rupert Pong at the insurance company and the adjuster, Graham, for making the entire process smooth. I would highly recommend this insurance company to everyone. Thank you!

- Ullah F. from Mississauga, ON on Dec 15, 2015.

Best rates and amazing service.

I recently did an online quote with Square One Insurance, and was completely shocked to see how much I had been overpaying in the past for home insurance. I figured I would go ahead and give them a call to see about having a policy for such a low cost. When I called to speak to Sandra, she made me feel as though I was cared for, unlike other companies that make you feel like you're just a paycheque. She answered all my questions, and even made my monthly payments less ... " Read more than the quote. Two days later I am not only insured, but I am also saving money, a lot of money. I have already referred Square One to a few people, and will continue to refer my friends and family. Amazing job Square One, you have made a family extremely happy."

- Marsha W. from Chatham, ON on Nov 17, 2015.

Amazing service.

I am super impressed with the rates and love the web presence/interface which makes buying insurance a very transparent process. In the past, I could never tell what my insurance covered but with Square One I know exactly what I am covered for and the associated costs. I also appreciate that the comprehensive policy automatically includes coverage for sewer backup and water damage. I recently reported a claim online and the process was seamless. An adjuster contacted ... " Read more me back very promptly and was extremely professional in walking me through the entire process. I have already referred my friends to Square One and they too are extremely impressed with the rates and web presence. Fantastic job!"

- Peter L. from Burnaby, BC on Nov 2, 2015.

Five star service.

Every time I deal with this company I receive five star service. Definitely impressed by how easy everything was and how helpful the agents were. The first agent, Kevin, helped me set up my initial plan and provided an easy to understand overview of what I needed. The second agent, Devon, helped me adjust my plan when I changed units in my building by creating an already filled out quote for me to submit. Extremely satisfied, will recommend to friends. Thank you so much for making this a pleasant experience!

- Sean D. from Edmonton, AB on Oct 26, 2015.

Quick and easy.

I came to Square One after receiving the cost to renew my home insurance through my insurance broker. The brokers cost was quite high compared to what Square One offers (almost triple the amount). Spent 10 minutes online getting a quote, and another 5 buying it. It was quick and easy. And, saving me almost $800 a year on home insurance just makes it that much better. I will definitely be recommending Square One to my friends and family.

- Joshua G. from Saskatoon, SK on Oct 16, 2015.

Half the price of TD.

I recently purchased a house in Hamilton, received a quote from our mortgage broker at TD Canada Trust and it was $131 plus tax, I received a quote from Square One for $57 including tax - this is amazing. With live chats, great phone service and a simple online application, hopefully I can deal with more companies like this in the future.

- Nicholas E. from Hamilton, ON on Oct 16, 2015.

Amazing service.

I just had an amazing experience getting insurance (which no one will ever say) but it is by far the best. I've have gotten insurance before (cars, houses) but this is the best service. It was quick and simple with no red tape. I will be recommending to everyone!

- Piras M. from Toronto, ON on Oct 6, 2015.

Easy to apply and change policies.

Square One has a very easy application process which allows you to choose exactly the coverage you need while seeing the cost of each coverage in real time. It really is very helpful to know that the 'essential coverage' you want is costing $1 or $20 a month as you go along. As a result I managed to save $30 per month compared to my previous insurer. I just completed a review of my homes content and realized I was under-insured. I just logged in and changed it in minutes ... " Read more without the hassle of phoning an agent - that has been a source of inertia for me in the past which has delayed policy changes. As of yet I have made no claims so I can't say what this company is like when disaster strikes."

- Brian R. from Thunder Bay, ON on Sep 19, 2015.

Thank you!

I've done a ton of research on home insurance providers. I was referred to you by a friend and it's as easy and efficient as she and the other Yelp reviewers said it was. Your breakdown of categories helped me with my own spreadsheet to itemize our assets and now I'm going to take photos of everything for reference. Thanks for making it so easy.

- Christina W. from Vancouver, BC on Sep 9, 2015.

Applying and purchasing was easy.

My insurance renewal was mailed to me and it seemed like it was too expensive. I found Square One by searching on the internet and when it said you could get a quote online I thought I'll give it a try. Often these free quote things are really just a way to mine your contact information so someone can phone you, but with Square One it was a detailed, but understandable questionnaire resulting in an actual quote! The quote saved me 25% over the price of my renewal and ... " Read more furthermore I was able to convert the quote into a policy with just a few keystrokes. The true measure of an insurance company is always how they handle a claim, but unless you have prior claims you never know that until something happens, but from the point of view of obtaining a quote and purchasing a policy from the comfort of your own computer Square One is a winner!"

- Hugh W. from Victoria, BC on Sep 9, 2015.

Excellent and easy to buy.

The website layout is crisp and to the point, Square One Insurance gets straight to the point and offers the best deal catered just for you. Everything can be done online within 10 minutes, with an updated quote every time you fine-tune your policy. Highly recommend it!

- Weiling C. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 29, 2015.

Straightforward policies with superb customer service.

I spoke with a representative of Square One who answered all of my questions, was polite, informed and professional. I was able to get a policy which suits my needs as a single person. With other companies, I was fenced in by 'packages' that did not take my circumstances under consideration at all. I am a fan of this company and will be telling my friends about Square One!

- Sandra F. from Ladysmith, BC on Aug 29, 2015.

Impressive customer service!

I am really impressed with their customer service. Not only being prompt and helpful, but also they work hard to meet their customers' needs. All the staff are nice, especially Kevin and Glen, thank you so much for looking after my home insurance. You guys are awesome!

- Toki Akiyama from North Vancouver, BC on Aug 27, 2015.

Great company.

I've only been with Square One for a year but any interaction I've had has been great. The website is easy to use and I love that you can personalize your insurance. They give you many choices and the prices are reasonable. At least more reasonable than others I look at. I highly recommend.

- Carolyn J. from Sherwood Park, AB on Aug 26, 2015.

Unbelievable customer service and support.

I cannot say enough about my insurance claim process through these folks. My adjuster, Scott Trepke, out of Vancouver has made what could have been a horrible experience so stress free. He is fast, reliable and very calming and exactly what you want when you have to go through a claim. Thank you!

- Melanie N. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 20, 2015.

Excellent customer service.

Took me about 10 minutes to set up tenant's insurance for the first time. I spoke with Nicole over the phone - she was super friendly, and answered all of my questions. Will gladly recommend Square One Insurance to all my friends and family!

- Gunjan C. from Toronto, ON on Aug 7, 2015.

Online quote.

Easy to understand and personalize the insurance coverage you want and need. Loved the ability to do everything online at my convenience. Prices totally reasonable - highly recommend.

- Colleen E. from Surrey, BC on Jul 29, 2015.

Easy and fair.

Saw an ad while on holiday in Ontario. We were in desperate need of a new insurance provider, as we found we were getting laced here in Alberta for no good reason. Goodbye former insurance company! It couldn't be easier to fill everything yourself online, ask a few questions to live agents online (or else they get back to you quickly). Saved $900. No joke.

- Vesna B. from Calgary, AB on Jul 24, 2015.

Everything smooth and easy to use.

First, I just want to say that my insurance Rep Madison Lynch was so helpful and friendly on the phone when I talked to her. She guided me through everything I needed to know and answered all my questions. Second, I love the fact that I am able to adjust my insurance quote online and see the real time changes to my coverage and premium. It was very easy to use the online application and I loved how every category had an explanation of what exactly was being covered. Thanks!

- Clayton U. from Surrey, BC on Jul 22, 2015.

Superior quality of service.

I was very impressed by the superior quality of service, clarity and help provided by Debbie Bevilacqua this morning. I have not had a smoother time dealing with insurance companies, and agents ever before. Her attitude, caliber of service, and positive attitude was amazing and lasted the entire 40 minutes of our conversation. She's definitely an asset to your company!

- Bilal N. from Richmond Hill, ON on Jul 21, 2015.

Very satisfied.

A friend who is an insurance broker recommended Square One Insurance to me even though he sells for 4 other insurance companies, because Square One was cheaper. I did online questionnaires for all 3 of my properties and they really only took less than 15 minutes each (possibly because I already had quotes from other companies against which I could compare and/or because I was already familiar with insurance coverages and terminology). Each question had an explanation ... " Read more which was easy to understand and it was easy to navigate the webpages. All 3 quotes were cheaper for comparable coverage amounts and I purchased all 3."

- Ron L. from Richmond, BC on Jul 20, 2015.

Very pleased!

Very user friendly website ... easy to follow prompts and directions. Interaction with staff via webchat quick, easy and very helpful. Obtained a highly competitive quote with little difficulty or grief involved!

- Kirk W. from Thunder Bay, ON on Jul 20, 2015.

Clear, concise, quick & convenient.

What more could you ask for when purchasing tenant's insurance with the added luxuries of doing so from your own home in a matter of clicks. Phenomenal reviews are well-deserved for such user-friendly service as a fantastic option for tenants across BC.

- Teejay K. from Victoria, BC on Jul 19, 2015.

Customer for 3 years and still very happy.

I've continued to renew my home insurance policies with Square One because you offer very good value, it is fast and simple to complete online and I feel like the entire process is very transparent (VERY awesome - probably most people's complaints about what they are charged for when buying insurance). I love that I can complete all policy changes online (super easy). Customer service has also been great in the times that I had questions about my billing. Thanks for making buying insurance so easy.

- Vanessa C. from Burnaby, BC on Jul 16, 2015.

Super fantastic!

The service was very easy to use, and I like how you broke down each area at the end (theft, earthquake, etc). Seriously surprised at cutting my bill in half each month! Thank you so much!

- Tess D. from East York, ON on Jul 16, 2015.

Online excellence!

I love your site. The online experience is like a well oiled - user friendly machine. Thank you!

- Anup S. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 15, 2015.

Fast and professional service.

I love being able to apply online but still have the opportunity to talk to someone when needed.

- Marie B. from Nepean, ON on Jul 14, 2015.

Amazing, fast and easy online quote.

I loved the quick and easy use of your online quote system and the option to pay monthly. Highly recommended!

- Marcin D. from Richmond, BC on Jul 5, 2015.

Most hassle free service.

I have been with Square One for about 3 years now and I've moved to a new apartment every year. It is the least stressful part about the move because I can do it on my own online or call up to quickly make changes. They are super flexible and make the move so much easier. Not to mention the rates are so affordable. I'm slowly converting all my friends to sign up with Square One.

- Trina N. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 3, 2015.

Great efficiency!

I can't believe how easy this really was. I even had to stop at one point and collect some information I should have previously had, and after a few days of not signing back on I received an email asking if I wanted to continue with the on-line quote. Very happy with the ease of use with this web format. Very happy.

- Gavin from Vancouver , BC on Jun 29, 2015.

So glad I came across Square One.

Extremely competitive rates and flexible policies. Web signup experience was stellar with their top-notch site, and I had my new policy in minutes with no hassle whatsoever. 100% recommended!

- Richard B. from Calgary, AB on Jun 26, 2015.


Receive superior service

Have you noticed how difficult it is to do business with some companies? You have our commitment that you'll receive superior service when dealing with Square One.

If you have a question or a request, you can choose to call or email us. Either way, we'll respond promptly. And, if you can contact our leaders directly if you would like to discuss a concern. Our complete company directory is available to you online.

How do we do it?

Click play and learn how you can get home insurance for as little as $15/month.

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Review recent policies

Learn about our claims commitment

You buy home insurance for peace of mind. You want to know that if you suffer a loss, your insurance provider will handle your claim fairly and quickly. Square One is committed to doing exactly that. Here's how we deliver on that commitment:

Careful supplier selection

Our carefully selected adjusters, contractors, and vendors understand our policies, procedures, and protocols. These preferred suppliers are also required to meet our service level standards, and they stand behind the work they perform.

24-hour emergency claims service

You can't control when accidents happen, so call 1.403.910.6933 for emergency claims service, 24 hours a day. Not an emergency? Log in to your online account to open a claim, or just give us a call during regular business hours.

Transparent claims process

Filing a claim is stressful, especially when you don't know what to expect. Once your claim is reported, an adjuster is assigned to you. Your adjuster will explain the claims process, help substantiate your claim, and facilitate settlement of your claim.

Responsive leadership team

Every effort is made to ensure your claim goes smoothly, but mistakes can happen. If you're not happy with how your claim is being handled, share your concerns with our leadership team. Visit our company directory for their contact information.

We've told you about our commitment to handling claims fairly and quickly. Visit the reviews section of our website to see what real Square One customers say about their claims experiences. As well as watching video testimonials, you can filter the written reviews to show those related to claims.

Understand the quote process

It takes about 15 minutes to get a home insurance quote personalized to your needs. During the quote process, you'll be asked for:

  • Basic personal information, including your name, phone number, email address and birth year.
  • The address of the home you would like to insured. If you've moved in the past three years, your previous address.
  • Characteristics of your home and its use, and answers to a few underwriting questions.

Get a quote now and save on your home insurance

To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.403.910.6933 for a phone quote. We're open [constant name="office-hours"], Monday to Saturday. It only takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

Get a free online quote now


Resources for Calgary residents

If you’ve just moved to Calgary and are looking for useful information about the city, check out the resources listed below. You can find details about Calgary, places to see, how to plan your move, as well as how to best organize your personal arrangements. Also, learn the best ways to set up your living area and what to do if something unexpected were to happen to your residence.

Background information about Calgary

Calgary, considered the busiest city in the Alberta, has a population of 1,214,000 people, which makes it the fifth largest metropolitan area in Canada.

Calgary is known for its oil industry and country lifestyle, especially since it’s home to the Calgary Stampede, a world famous festival featuring the best rodeo athletes. It has a land area of 825 square kilometers, making Canada’s 3rd largest municipality, and the 139th most densely populated city in the world.

The Heritage Park Historical Village has an antique car museum, a full-sized train and a working paddle-boat. There are several nice places to eat and quiet areas to stroll when you need a rest. Heritage Park is staged in the past where employees dress accordingly, and even pretend to be living in the past.

Spruce Meadows is an enormous equestrian event center, where you can come to see international class show jumping and dressage. You can ride a horse yourself or simply stroll around the impeccably maintained grounds. Look for the train car that was purchased in 1980 and was used by Queen Elizabeth II.

Steps for an easy move

Before your move, consider following the steps below to make the entire process as easy as possible.

1. Select your movers

First, decide whether or not you’re going to hire a moving company. Know what needs to be moved from your home, and if you have any help already available. If you have willing friends and family, moving without using a company can save you money. But, if you have any large items such as a grandfather clock, using a moving company may be a good idea. While there are several moving companies in Calgary, Alberta Pro Movers, Highland Moving, and Bill & Ben are popular choices.

2. Understand the supplies you’ll need

The next step is to gather the supplies you’ll need for when it comes time to pack and move. These include boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap or other specialty packaging, and a dolly. The average person can expect to spend up to $250 on supplies which can vary depending on the size of your family.

3. Pack smart

Remember that you’ll want essential items unpacked immediately, and ready to use that night. It’s no fun going through multiple boxes for only one or two items. You should keep the essential items within easy reach so they can be unpacked first. These commonly include, utensils, clothing, pots and pans, bedding, and curtains.

4. Keep your receipts

If you moved closer to work by at least 40 kilometers, the Canada Revenue Agency allows you to deduct some moving expenses from your income. Visit the CRA to learn more.

Organizing your personal affairs

Now that you’ve moved into your new residence, you’ll need to set up any arrangements that you may have used at your previous home.

Obtaining or updating your drivers license and car insurance

Now that you’re a new Calgary resident, you’ll want to update or obtain a new drivers license to reflect your new address. While there are several different choices, Sharp Insurance and Allstate Auto Insurance are common options.

Updating your mailing address

Now that you’ve moved addresses, you’ll need to update your account and set up mail forwarding through Canada Post to ensure you don’t miss important letters or packages. Visit Canada Post’s website and get started.

Finding local schools, daycares, and health professionals

If you have children, you should find both a local school or daycare. Because daycares in Calgary are popular, it’s important to enroll your children as soon as possible. Visit the local school directory and daycare options to learn more.

Now that you’ve moved, chances are you’ll need to change your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or other health professional, including veterinarians. Visit Alberta Health Services to find health professionals and resources.

Updating your banking information

If the bank you were using prior to your move does not operate in Calgary, you need to find a bank or credit union that does. While there are several different options, the most common in Calgary are RBC, TD, and First Calgary Financial.

Finalizing setting up your home

Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll need to set up different accounts and think about some services to complete your move.

Finding cable and phone service providers

It’s almost essential to setup your cable and phone service once you’ve moved to a new residence. There are several different options available in Calgary, however the more common companies are Shaw Communications, VMedia, and Rogers.

Finding hydro, electricity, and gas providers

Just like cable and phone services, you can’t operate your home without necessary accounts with hyrdo, electricity, and gas companies. While there are several options available in Calgary, Enmax is a popular choice. It’s important to note that some municipalities may supply utilities to their residents themselves.

Purchasing necessary home insurance

You’ve just moved into a home, it’s possibly your biggest investment to date and you want to make sure it’s protected! Visit the Square One home insurance page to find out which policy best suits your needs and to receive an online quote.

Hiring landscaping companies

After moving into your new home, if there are any major changes you’d like to make to your lawn it may be best to hire a landscaping company. There are hundreds of options in Calgary, but Chinook Landscaping, Blue Lake Contracting, and Foothills Landscaping are common choices.

Understanding common repairs

With any new home, you need to be prepared in case something does go wrong. It’s a good idea to have a resource readily available for finding companies that can offer quick repairs.


While there are hundreds of different options when it comes to plumbing repairs in Calgary, this list of companies will help kickstart your search.

Restoration and renovation

If your new home needs any repairs or upgrades, it’s a good idea to check with a restoration or renovation company to make sure you’ve found the root causes to any problems. Check out Square One’s list of restoration contractors as well as a list of Calgary renovation companies to help your search.

Additionally, feel free to browse though Square One’s home improvement resource center to learn more.


Loss of power is one of the last thing’s you want to deal with once settled into a new home. If the problem isn’t linked to your electricity provider, you should contact an electrician. While there are several different options in Calgary, 4 Star Electric, Panel Upgrade Experts, and 24/7 Electric are common choices.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

If you ever notice that your new home is either too hot or too cold, it may be due to an HVAC issue which you’d want to get looked at immediately. Again, while there are several options in Calgary, Arpi’s Industries, Shift Air Mechanical, and Aspen Heating are popular choices.

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