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Hosting a Safe Super Bowl Party

If you’re looking at the holiday season in the rearview and feeling more like cocooning than socializing, there’s nothing like a Super Bowl party to lighten your winter blues. The Super Bowl is one of North America’s most-watched sporting events, and it provides a wonderful... [...]

Snowbird Home Insurance Tips

Canada is a nation on the move. Once the snow starts to fly and the cold settles in across most of the country, thousands of Canadians pack their suitcases and head to the southern United States for an extended stay. Snowbirds, as they’re called, are... [...]

The Perfect Time to Update Your Home Inventory List

The holidays are over. The excitement and stress of baking, cooking, shopping and attending an ongoing round of parties will is behind you for another year. All of a sudden, life is quieter and you have some free time on your hands. Before you get... [...]

Winter Home Dangers in Canada

Winter Home Dangers
Winter is the season that helps to define Canada. Our ability to withstand the frigid weather, accompanied by ice and snow, has contributed to the national character, moulding us into hardy, resilient individuals, while our capacity for making the most of the cold has brought... [...]

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter
Canadians embrace winter. We play hockey, go skiing, curl and play in the snow with abandon. The season conjures up images of frozen ponds, evergreens dusted with white frosting and cups of hot cocoa before a roaring fire. Luckily, the cold remains outdoors, while we... [...]

Preventing Theft During the Christmas Holidays

There are signs that the holidays are approaching: there’s a chill in the air and a blaze in the fireplace; cocoa has become the drink of choice; decorations are popping up on houses and shops throughout the neighbourhood; and carols can be heard on local... [...]

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights
In the midst of the darkness and cold of winter, the Christmas holidays offer a bright spot. The festivities are colourful, including gaily wrapped packages, trees glittering with decorations and homes sparkling with lights. Christmas lights, despite all the work involved in hanging them, continue... [...]

Winterizing Your Home – A How To Guide

Winterizing Your Home
No matter how much we hope, wish and pray otherwise, it’s inevitable – winter is coming. In the Maritimes, storm season has started with rain, but the white stuff will follow. In central Canada, the leaves are turning and falling, a sure sign of colder... [...]

A Home Fire: Is Your Family Prepared?

Your home is your castle, your haven from the cares and stresses of the world. So, it stands to reason that you want to make sure your home is as safe as possible so you can enjoy its peace and its comfort free of worry.... [...]

Fire Safety During the Holiday Season

There’s a chill in the air, which is a signal that winter is in the offing, along with the holiday season. Before long, it will be time to bring the decorations out of storage, unpack the ornaments from their boxes and festoon the house or... [...]
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