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Spring Gutter (Eavestrough) Cleaning

Spring Gutter (Eavestrough) Cleaning
Winter will soon be at our backs. The advent of spring means blooming flowers, warmer weather and sunshine, but it also signals the start of an annual homeowner’s ritual: spring cleaning. As you put away winter clothes, air out rooms, wash the windows and clean... [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior
When conversation turns to spring cleaning, the subject is usually the interior of the home: washing windows, cleaning drapes and packing away winter clothes, for example. However, if you’re eager to get outside in the fresh air, take heart. It’s not only your living room... [...]

HVAC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips

HVAC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips
The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” might have been written expressly for your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. The Value of HVAC Maintenance An HVAC system is an important part of any home, even if it isn’t... [...]

Winter Garden Damage – Repair and Clean Up

Winter Garden Damage
Avid gardeners are eagerly awaiting the advent of spring, itching to dig their fingers back into the soil. Unfortunately, although Jack Frost will soon disappear from our lives for another nine months, he may leave behind some winter garden damage behind as an unpleasant reminder... [...]

Is Flooding Becoming More Frequent in Canada?

The biblical tale of Noah and the flood is becoming more relevant than ever in Canada, according to recent climate studies. Given that global warming is becoming widespread, the weather’s vagaries will bring more flooding our way. However, given proper planning and remedial measures, it... [...]

What To Do After a Flood?

Water is the essence of life; we couldn’t survive without it. It’s crucial to keeping the body running well, and we depend on it for all kinds of other reasons: staying clean and preventing the spread of germs; and our homes and our food, to... [...]

Is My Home In A Flood Zone?

Home In A Flood Zone
In 2009, the United States Global Research Program determined that the average precipitation in the U.S. has increased approximately five percent the past 50 years, which leads to increased danger of floods. Changes in land use also contribute to potential for flooding; as an area... [...]

Flooded Basement 101

Lucky Noah. When the floods came, he was cozily floating on his ark, a specially constructed, watertight home. The rest of us aren’t necessarily as lucky. When torrential rains arrive or when snow from a brutal winter melts, our homes are at risk of flooding.... [...]

The Best Way To Organize and Store Your Digital Photos

When you ask people what “things” they would rescue from their burning house, one of the most frequent answers is their photo album or a computer with their digital images. It’s no surprise that the pictures we take in our life are reminders of what... [...]

Hosting a Safe Super Bowl Party

If you’re looking at the holiday season in the rearview and feeling more like cocooning than socializing, there’s nothing like a Super Bowl party to lighten your winter blues. The Super Bowl is one of North America’s most-watched sporting events, and it provides a wonderful... [...]
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