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Moving With Kids: Tips to Make it Easier

Moving With Kids
Anyone who has been through a move knows how stressful it can be: the planning, the packing and unpacking, the legalities, the sadness of endings and the excitement of beginnings. Luckily, as adults, you generally have some control over the process. You decide where and... [...]

Canadians On The Move

Moving can be a stressful experience. Packing everything in boxes, shipping them to the new location, unpacking, rearranging in the new place, and getting adjusted to living arrangements are just some of the challenges. Despite the hassle, Canadians continue to move, with over 280 thousand... [...]

Home Staging That Helps You Sell Quickly

Home Staging Sell Quickly
You’ve made the big decision to sell your home, and, now, you’d like the sale to progress quickly. After all, the weather may be perfect for changing locations or you may have your eye on a dream property that has just gone on the market.... [...]

Signs It May Be Time to Sell Your Home

Time to Sell Your Home
If you’re a fan of reality television, you’ve undoubtedly seen the program, Love It or List It, which takes a Canadian family who has issues with their current home and pits a realtor against a designer in the race to find the best solution: a... [...]

Your Earth Month Guide to Backyard Composting

Guide to Backyard Composting
If you are conscious about the environment and want to keep our planet healthy, composting is an easy sell. Food waste is the second biggest source of methane gas in our atmosphere and methane is one of the primary causes of global warming. If you... [...]

The Home of the Future – An Energy Efficiency Dream

Automation in the Home
There’s no place like home, says the old adage, and given the advances in technology, it’s a statement that may be more accurate than ever. The home of the future will be tailored to meet our needs and wants more efficiently than ever before. Smart... [...]

Are Solar Panels Worth It For Your Home?

solar panels for your home
Are you looking at your energy bills with concern and wondering if there is a way to cut costs? Many people today are looking to solar panels to provide them with an alternative energy source. Solar energy’s status as a renewable resource makes it doubly... [...]

Give Your Home An Energy Audit

home energy audit
If you feel a sense of despair at the amount of money you’re spending to heat and cool your home, you’re not alone. As energy prices rise, staying warm or cool in tune with the season’s demands becomes more expensive annually. Why not reduce your... [...]

Spring Gutter (Eavestrough) Cleaning

Spring Gutter (Eavestrough) Cleaning
Winter will soon be at our backs. The advent of spring means blooming flowers, warmer weather and sunshine, but it also signals the start of an annual homeowner’s ritual: spring cleaning. As you put away winter clothes, air out rooms, wash the windows and clean... [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior
When conversation turns to spring cleaning, the subject is usually the interior of the home: washing windows, cleaning drapes and packing away winter clothes, for example. However, if you’re eager to get outside in the fresh air, take heart. It’s not only your living room... [...]
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