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Looking for a more affordable home insurance policy? You’ve come to the right place. At Square One, you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $15/month. Here’s what sets our policy apart from the competition:

You decide what to insure

Personalize our unique policy to your needs. It provides blanket coverage for your most common personal property and optional coverage for your specialty property.

You only pay for what you need

Traditional policies include $6,000 for fur coats and $5,000 for gold bullion. If you don't own furs or gold bricks, you don't pay to insure them with us.

You're protected against all major losses

Our comprehensive policy protects against break-ins, hail storms and fires. It also includes earthquake, sewer backup and water damage protection.

You'll understand our policy documents

If you need a law degree to understand your policy, something's wrong. That's why we've worked hard to make our policy the easiest to read in the industry.

You can pay annually or monthly

Pay your policy annually or monthly by bank withdrawal or credit card. You'll be pleased to know that there are no interest charges to pay monthly.

You can get a free quote in 15 minutes

To see how much you can save on your policy, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. Either way, it only takes 15 minutes.

Great service and rates!

It was less than 5 minutes to get a amazing quote. I was able to do it all from my phone and I got a premium that was better than the rest of the quotes I had previously gotten from other providers.

Home insurance made so simple!

Square One Insurance is very simple, seamless and timely because of their intuitive online system and electronic email replies. Their information is very clear on how rates are derived and where I could adjust to be more realistic to my insurance needs - there are no hidden coverages. Gone are the days when I had to wait for a paper policy to be mailed for review. I used to re-assess my home insurance every 5 years (when it should be more frequent) because it was such ... " Read more a tedious & time consuming chore, and I avoided it like the plague. This process is so easy, it'll now be an annual event for continual savings. Rates are very reasonable, and thanks for providing the option to charge my monthly fee to my credit card to gain credit card perks. Debbie provided me with fantastic customer service, with her information, home insurance is now easier to understand."

Extremely user-friendly and affordable.

I have avoided buying insurance for years because it seemed either too complicated, a huge hassle, costly, bad reviews - or all of the above. Square One made the process super simple and I found a rate that seems totally fair.

Home insurance.

The online process was amazingly easy to understand, and the representative called immediately to answer any questions I may have had, although the application was self explanatory! Amazing experience!

So simple!

Signing up for tenant insurance for the first time ever was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I did it all online and everything was very clear and simple.

Easy quote.

Of all the quotes I completed, this was the easiest. The wording was simple and didn't verse into the usual complicated legalities. It was efficient and the counter on the side gave a good feeling of understanding what I was paying for.

Easy to deal with, fast response, competitive rates.

I was able to get through the online application process quickly. I then called them up and spoke to Kani who professionally and expertly answered all my questions. I was done in less than 10 minutes and the rates are very reasonable and competitive. No complaints so far, very happy with the transaction.

Exemplary customer service!

Having recently moved back to BC, I recently had the pleasure of purchasing an insurance policy from Square One for my condo. It's easy to see why this Canadian business is successful and continues to grow. The customer service is definitely first class. Jas was able to answer all of my questions in a straightforward, easy to understand manner and the entire process took less time than the line-up at a busy Vancouver coffee shop. I would highly recommend Square One ... " Read more to anyone looking for home insurance provided at reasonable rates by friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. Thanks Square One!"

So far so good.

The ease of use of their website was the first reason I decided to go with Square One Insurance. A personal follow-up phone call and a very user friendly insurance policy sealed the deal. I love that I know exactly what I'm getting with this policy...with most insurance companies I feel a little confused and in the dark about what I'm entitled to.

Kicked BCAA's butt!

Friendly, helpful, telephone service and easy on-line quotes and purchasing... and we saved money, too.

Great service.

Spoke with Kani and Dustin. Both were very knowledgable and patient as I wanted to understand every aspect of the policy. Also saved a lot of money with Square One :) I'll definitely recommend the company to others. Thank you!!

Breath of fresh air for insurance.

I've been with Square One for over 2 years and I'm very satisfied with their services. Having recently compared rates, Square One is by far the most affordable option, and offers the most flexibility and customization of your plan. I'm super stoked to be supporting a local Vancouver company! You guys rock.

Comprehensive, user friendly and affordable!

Square One was our first choice for renters insurance after finding the competitor's rates prohibitive and their online insurance quote forms cumbersome. This site was simple, fast, and easy, and the insurance rates were hands down the most affordable across the board.

Great online process.

The online application process was one of the best I have come across in my life. I look forward to doing business with you.

Good for owners or renters.

I used Square One when I owned a condo, and was happy with the affordable monthly payments and ability to make changes to your policy online anytime. Now that I am renting, I am glad they have a tenant policy option as well, and am once again a happy customer.

So easy!

Very easy process to fill out my information, and I loved that I could do everything online without having to call in. I'm also happy I could do a one-time payment as opposed to monthly payments.

Great service!

The easy to use website provided us with a quote we understood and gave us a policy tailored to our needs. A quick call to their customer support center provided us with some additional information from very knowledgeable staff leaving us feeling confident we chose the right insurer.

Fast and easy.

After much searching for insurance quotes I ended up in the office of an insurance broker who happened to be a past employee of Square One. She said that she still uses them for her own insurance needs and that their rates would be way lower than anything she could quote to me. The online form was fast and easy. One less thing on my to-do list!

BEST decision ever!!!

I was in the process of shopping for tenant insurance when I saw their advertising in the Vancouver City Center skytrain station and thought I would check them out. I had received quotes from 6 other companies and still hadn't found something that was within my budget so I had nothing to lose. BEST decision ever!!! They had the best pricing... no contest. The process from start to finish was very enjoyable. They also have a team of customer support SUPERSTARS that knew ... " Read more their stuff and were very helpful answering any questions I had. I review my policy once per year to ensure the coverage meets my needs and any changes can be done online and become effective immediately. They even offer earthquake insurance which is useful living in Vancouver as well as coverage for Identity Theft. I highly recommend them!"

Great claims experience.

Our basement flooded the second day after moving in our home. Everyone involved in the process was highly professional, and addressed our concerns and questions in a very timely manner. Since insurance policies can be difficult to understand they even took the time to explain everything to us in detail to ensure no questions were unanswered. Thumbs up Square One!

Best home insurance rates in the GTA.

Really pleased with the process and the price I got for my home insurance. Highly recommended.

Rented home policy.

It was really easy to figure out the best policy options backed up with a comprehensive explanation for each option, moreover you can always call by phone or chat online to have some advice if you need help.

Quick and simple.

This is an excellent service, takes away all the hassle of dealing locally or in-person and is quick and easy to complete.


Before coming to the site I knew nothing about tenant insurance. This was the easiest process I've ever had to go through. Thank you for the simplicity and ease.

Smart website.

Intuitive, easy, and so happy you include all costs as you select your policy. Makes me trust this company far more.

Great online quote and coverage!

Great online system for this gives you many options to choose from (yes and no, ranges in prices). The choice is yours and does not take very long to do.

Great customer service.

I received great customer service right from the start and it was a major factor when deciding to purchase my policy.

Fast and informed.

Thank you for having such clear and straight forward information on your website. I had never purchased insurance before, and it was quick and easy. Plus, I called to find out a little bit more info and your rep spoke clear and gave all the information and more to have me make a secure decision with Square One Insurance. Thank you

Fastest and cheapest tenant insurance!

It was my very first time moving out and the costs just seemed to keep going up and up until I found Square One Insurance. Filling out my information was quick and easy and they gave me the absolute best rate. Don't go anywhere else! This is where it's at. Thank you!

Beautiful easy interface!

This smells like a modern company doing things properly and not being dragged down by antique workflows.

Home insurance.

I built my home insurance quote online. It was a very easy and friendly online presentation. We received fast response and confirmation. I recommend this company!

Home insurance.

Really appreciated the help and guidance whille filling out the quote. Very happy with the policy. I recommend Square One to anyone who feels intimidated by large impersonal insurance companies.


It was short, simple, and sweet. And such a great price. I can't say enough good things. Wow!!!

Best experience, best rate, best online process.

This is by far the best online insurance experience. Rate is much better than anywhere else and the online application was so simple and straight forward. In less than 15 mins, I purchased a policy and saved over $244 per year off my policy with LOT LOT MORE value. THIS IS TOP NOTCH SERVICE AND QUALITY. Just using the online portal has help me better understand my Insurance.

Amazing and seamless!

Thank you! This was the easiest purchase of insurance EVER!!! Glad to give you my business!

- Jermal R. from North York, ON on Jun 17, 2015.
- Rox S from Brampton, ON on Jun 13, 2015.
- Cayla H. from Toronto, ON on Jun 8, 2015.
- Chelley M. from Windsor, ON on Jun 3, 2015.
- Kyra K. from York, ON on Jun 3, 2015.
- Pascal P. from Vancouver, BC on Jun 2, 2015.
- Eugene L. from Toronto, ON on May 29, 2015.
- Brent S. from Vancouver, BC on May 26, 2015.
- Karen L. from Scarborough, ON on May 25, 2015.
- Jason B. from Vancouver, BC on May 23, 2015.
- David M. from Toronto, ON on May 22, 2015.
- Andrew K. from Vancouver, BC on May 18, 2015.
- Catherine S. from Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON on May 17, 2015.
- Robert C. from Port Coquitlam, BC on May 16, 2015.
- Janet Lynn Z. from New Westminster, BC on May 14, 2015.
- Jennifer E. from Toronto, ON on May 13, 2015.
- Raymond C. from Vancouver, BC on May 12, 2015.
- Natalie B. from Vancouver, BC on May 12, 2015.
- David E. from Vancouver, BC on May 11, 2015.
- Candice K. from Toronto on May 11, 2015.
- Hoshin I. from Richmond Hill, ON on May 6, 2015.
- Daher A. from North York, ON on May 1, 2015.
- Maria K. from Toronto, ON on May 1, 2015.
- Alex V. from Richmond Hill, ON on Apr 30, 2015.
- Stephen S. from Toronto, ON on Apr 29, 2015.
- Judith K. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 26, 2015.
- Suzana T. from Calgary, AB on Apr 26, 2015.
- Alicia L. from Etobicoke, ON on Apr 23, 2015.
- Joanna L. from Toronto, ON on Apr 23, 2015.
- Noland G. from Vancouver, BC on Apr 22, 2015.
- Arnoldo C. from Oshawa, ON on Apr 22, 2015.
- Margaret D. from Hamilton, ON on Apr 17, 2015.
- Amanda D. from Burnaby, BC on Apr 17, 2015.
- Irene M. from Etobicoke, ON on Apr 8, 2015.
- Charlotte E. from Airdrie, AB on Apr 7, 2015.

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Learn about our claims commitment

You buy home insurance for peace of mind. You want to know that if you suffer a loss, your insurance provider will handle your claim fairly and quickly. Square One is committed to doing exactly that. Here's how we deliver on that commitment:

Careful supplier selection

Our carefully selected adjusters, contractors, and vendors understand our policies, procedures, and protocols. These preferred suppliers are also required to meet our service level standards, and they stand behind the work they perform.

24-hour emergency claims service

You can't control when accidents happen, so call 1.855.331.6933 for emergency claims service, 24 hours a day. Not an emergency? Log in to your online account to open a claim, or just give us a call during regular business hours.

Transparent claims process

Filing a claim is stressful, especially when you don't know what to expect. Once your claim is reported, an adjuster is assigned to you. Your adjuster will explain the claims process, help substantiate your claim, and facilitate settlement of your claim.

Responsive leadership team

Every effort is made to ensure your claim goes smoothly, but mistakes can happen. If you're not happy with how your claim is being handled, share your concerns with our leadership team. Visit our company directory for their contact information.

We've told you about our commitment to handling claims fairly and quickly. Visit the reviews section of our website to see what real Square One customers say about their claims experiences. As well as watching video testimonials, you can filter the written reviews to show those related to claims.

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To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. We're open [constant name="office-hours"], Monday to Saturday. It only takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

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