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As easy as 123!

Was referred by a friend. The information on the online form was as easy as 123. I had to call in and the customer service was much appreciated. I thank all at Square One. The only thing that they didn't give me was the winning lottery number, but I'm sure if they had it, they would. I would recommend Square One to any homeowner.

Good service. Good price!

Seems very competitive. Clear and straightforward online application allows you to play with your coverage levels to find a good blend of comfort and price.

Fast, transparent and easy.

Easy to use, no phone, no hassle, no stupid question. In 10 minutes, I got my policy. Best ever experience buying insurance!


Created initial policy, switching from previous supplier. On-line customer service was A-One in answering my questions and helping out. Hopefully I don't have to find out how they are during a!

So far so good!

Really straight forward website! One of the best user interfaces I've seen! Love the fact that I know exactly what I'm getting coverage on...EVERYTHING I own and nothing I don't own. Pretty simple. Even their suggested amounts for how much the property would cost to rebuild and the suggested amount for possessions was close to bang on. Very happy to have found such a straight forward insurance company. Side note: I just saved over $1,000 compared to other quotes I've ... " Read more received AND the fact that Square One allows you to pay monthly with no financing charges saves you money on borrowing rates and lets you make the money instead. So far I'm very pleased with their approach. Glad to see something like this in the market."

Excellent service!

After much difficulty in finding a good policy for my condo, I was very pleased with the service and the policy I now have with Square One. I will look to transfer other policies I have when they come up for renewal.

Friendly and competitive.

Good experience with the easy online forms as well as the friendly and competent phone service regarding specific questions. Plus...a very competitive rate. Great service!


Fast, fast, fast! You call, someone answers. You can also chat online and it was made to be very easy online. I was very impressed all around. Step-by-step, but quickly, the way I'm use to and kept up to my pace online. Love it!

Alan Senneker and the guys are the best!

Doing business with these guys is so simple. We got our quote online and purchased. When I was making a significant purchase, I contacted the guys in advance and Alan was very helpful with details about what I needed to do, additional costs, etc. They made everything simple for me. 100% recommended!

Easy to deal with!

I was out of the country when I had to organize a new insurance policy. It was a very simple and easy process compared to every other site I compared with. I feel I got what I wanted and was able to get answers through the on-line chat. I would recommend.

Good team and good service.

I just got my second house insurance policy. I must say I love your service. I talked to Nathan first then Farran and Alan. Everyone is helpful. Thanks for your great team work and good service.

Simple change to policy. Great to see impact real time.

Very impressed with interface. Well done! I recognize that I could phone or use chat function, but you may consider including more information on what premise liability or standard deductible means. Maybe incorporate it right where changes are being considered. That said, I'm sure it was in front of my eyes!

Awesome rates and service!

Devon McGuire was such a pleasant person to deal with. She was patient with me and answered all my question. She emailed me immediately. I cannot even say how happy I am with the rates I was given. I have already contacted 8 people to refer her. Thank you so much Devon!

Couldn't ask for better service.

I couldn't have asked for more courteous and caring staff. I must have spoken to 5 different people in the course of me calling back multiple times to compare every insurance site known to man. Square One provided not only the best rates but the most caring and considerate staff. They suffered my multiple calls and answered every what if scenario I could possible ask and they didn't nickel and dime me for full coverage. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER wish I could give more than 5 stars. Thank you so much.

Jas was helpful.

Jas Sandhu was very helpful in completing my online application when I needed help. The process was easy and not over whelming.

Great service.

Easily changed my policy online with the help of a online representative. Jason Vander Zalm was very helpful and efficient with his replies. Thank you!

Tenant insurance.

I am 63 and although I have rented for forever, this is the first time that I needed tenant insurance. My friends recommended you based on your rates and customer service. I completely agree with them as applying was "a piece of cake" and your quote was completely in line with what they had shared with me. You made it so easy so "thanks a million"!!!

Home insurance.

I shopped around online for home insurance and as first time home buyer, I was really impressed by software tools you provided. It made it so much easier to navigate and choose my options for insurance. I will definitely recommend Square One to my friends and family. Thank you!

Excellent service.

You are an excellent group to deal with. You speak English instead of Insurance and make the policies easy to understand. Thanks.

Customer satisfaction.

I was very impressed by Ms. Farran Adams handling of my home insurance policy purchase. She was very pleasant to talk to, and I felt at ease dealing with her. She processed my insurance application expeditiously. Thanks Farran for your help and guidance.


As our old policy with a different company was up for renewal, and we had moved from an apartment to a house, we decided to shop around. The quote was fast, easy to understand, comprehensive and a great price for what we wanted and received. I also had prompt and friendly service on the phone.

Great assistance.

I went to Square One insurance in person and talked to Gurkaran Hothi. Great assistance, made it very easy for us to make a decision. I didn't feel pressured which helped me make the decision to take Square One as my insurer.

The way insurance quotes should be.

Square One's customer relationship management is to be applauded. Great follow ups, seamless transition between online quotes and phone conversations, and a no-hassle way of getting a policy in place with a minimum of overhead. Rates came across as very competitive. Luckily, we haven't had to make a claim yet, so I can't comment on the claims side - I hope the standard is as high there.

Thank you for the quick and friendly service

I was told by my regular house insurer that they couldn't cover me when I started renting my property out. I also spent 30 mins on hold with a major bank's insurance department before being told they couldn't help me before finding Square One online. I was delighted when I could apply for a policy with Square One online and speak with a knowledgeable advisor over the phone.

New home insurance.

This quote package available is easy and great. You can see what every bit of coverage is going to cost, and decide what value it has for you. I have used the chat line several times also and have also received the information I required. Great system.

- Garth C. from Mississauga, ON on Nov 25, 2014.
- John T. from Pitt Meadows, BC on Nov 20, 2014.
- Iulian M. from Kingston, ON on Nov 20, 2014.
- Brian R. from Delta, BC on Nov 17, 2014.
- Joe K. from Surrey, BC on Nov 13, 2014.
- Jim S. from Ottawa, ON on Nov 13, 2014.
- Andreas A. from Toronto, ON on Nov 13, 2014.
- Brenda G. from Orleans, ON on Nov 10, 2014.
- Shane H. from Calgary, AB on Nov 7, 2014.
- Gillian T. from Whistler, BC on Nov 5, 2014.
- Li S. from London, ON on Oct 31, 2014.
- Chris S. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 30, 2014.
- Elizabeth C. from Barrie, ON on Oct 28, 2014.
- Jamie T. from Midland, ON on Oct 24, 2014.
- Gulbanu B. from Richmond Hill, ON on Oct 23, 2014.
- Marie T. from Burnaby, BC on Oct 21, 2014.
- Jill G. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 20, 2014.
- Homira N. from Hamilton, ON on Oct 18, 2014.
- Lisa H. from Burlington, ON on Oct 17, 2014.
- Mark R. from Mississauga, ON on Oct 16, 2014.
- Christopher R. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 13, 2014.
- Philippe H. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 9, 2014.
- Trevor H. from Toronto, ON on Oct 7, 2014.
- Bridget M. from Vancouver, BC on Oct 5, 2014.
- Gail J. from Chestermere, AB on Oct 1, 2014.

Switch to Square One

Wondering why you should switch to Square One? There are so many good reasons to switch, but here are the top three reasons:

  • You decide what specialty property you want to insure. That way, you only pay for the protection you need.
  • You are protected against all major loss types, including earthquakes, hail and wind storms, and sewer backups.
  • ​You can pay monthly, without a financing fee. And after the first month, you can cancel at any time without a penalty.

Understand the quote process

It takes about 15 minutes to get a home insurance quote personalized to your needs. During the quote process, you’ll be asked for:

  • Basic personal information, including your name, phone number, email address and birth year.
  • The address of the home you would like to insure, and if you’ve moved in the past three years, your previous address.
  • Characteristics of your home and its use, and answers to a few underwriting questions.

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