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Nice, helpful and really knowledgeable.

Dustin was GREAT! He helped me with what I needed, gave me a great rate. I then got married so I wasn't able to get back to him for a while, but he did follow up. Once I had the time I went back to my follow up email from Dustin told him to give me a call and then he waited patiently on the phone with me to get my banking information to set up my policy today. I believe there should be a press one and it should lead to Dustin because he was nice, helpful and really knowledgeable. Thank you!

Great price and website.

Website its really user friendly. Even I do not understand insurance terminology the explanation were really helpful. I saved $100 from my previous policy with much more coverage.

Great chat service!

Great experience using your live agent! Unlike many other service providers, your agent was helpful, answered all my questions and was nice. Thanks for providing a great and helpful user experience.

Excellent price and service!

I have looked high and low for a good insurance for my place but none could offer me what I wanted and really needed. Sqaure One is the best in the market to my knowledge. They won't try to sell you something you don't need. I'm pleasantly surprised by the price and level of professionalism that they offer. THANK YOU !

Awesome experience!

OK, no one likes to be dealing with insurance agents on the phone to get the best insurance. Debbie B, was courtesy, knowledgeable and efficient. She showed all the elements that can influence the fees and what worked best. I was done an entire quote in less then 15 minutes, and Debbie knew her stuff. Reps make the difference at Square One!

So straight forward

I was impressed with the options to personalize the insurance to fit our needs. And each time we did so, we could immediately see what effect it had on the policy.

Peace of mind.

I am extremely grateful that I was directed to your website. I have never heard of you, neither have some people that I spoke to last night. I explained your willingness to assist me after what I have suffered with my daughter and a lapse of memory, which my previous insurance used penalised me and cancel my insurance. I thank you, because you really took a load off of my mind. Everyone that comes in contact with me from now, looking for home insurance will know about Square One Insurance.


The form was so easy to follow and fill out. I tried searching for other quotes online and gave up because they were too complicated. I am most excited about the savings! Thank you for the amazing price. Now I am looking forward to an amazing service. I would love to recommend your company.

Best insurance conversation I've ever had!

Was frustrated with a big insurance company's inconsistent messaging. Thanks for setting this right and for SAVING ME BOATLOADS OF CASH!

Very pleased!

After an extremely frustrating experience with our previous home insurance provider, I started shopping around and received a quote from Square One. I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service we received from Jas. We were able to get a policy that better met our needs at a very good price.

Exellent tool to buy policy.

It's so easy and I could customize my coverage. Took even more coverage from the previous policy and saved $500.00 annually. I realized I was being ripped off by my previous broker. I recommend this hassle free tool to every one. Please note in two ocassions my home policy was cancelled due to miscommunications (having no fault of mine). But I was forced to pay extra last two years. With Square One, I really now have a peace of mind. Nevertheless, not sure how would they behave once I need them most. Overall, it looks Square One would be good.

Amazing customer service!

Just wanted to write to you about your amazing rep, Jas Sandhu. She was so thorough with our needs and explained everything to me about signing up for a new home insurance policy. Things that I never knew about home insurance. She was so kind and very helpful. What an amazing rep you have. I will certainly tell all my family and friends to get insurance with you. Thank you Jas from the bottom of my heart.

User-friendly site & great price!

Took just a few minutes to get a very affordable quote for apartment contents insurance with Square One Insurance's user-friendly website. For a single working mom, I appreciate how easy & quick this process was. Thanks!


Why can't all insurance be this simple. I went into the same place I buy my car insurance from and they wanted to charge me $800/year for tenant insurance!

So far soooo good...

I just bought home insurance for a new home that I am going to be renovating and then moving in. These rates are amazing, less than half of what I was quoted elsewhere. Almost seems to good to be true, I hope when it comes time for me to use them (I hope it never happens) that I get what I paid for. Customer service was great in answering my questions, and trust me I had a lot because I had never heard of Square One Insurance. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly as it has so far.

That was easy!

I've been renting for 10 years so figured it was time to get tenant's insurance because no one's luck is that good. The process was SUPER simple and the rates are excellent. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don't yet know what the claims process is like, but hopefully I never have to find out.

Great online service!

The website was super easy to use and convenient for setting up our home insurance policy! We loved being able to cater the policy to our needs and that we were able to do everything from getting a quote to buying the policy all online!

Very simple.

Your online form was easy to fill and, as impersonal as online shopping is, I found it excellent. Trouble free and informative. I appreciated all the suggestions and your outline of coverage in each category was helpful.

So easy.

Now that was a refreshing experience. I completed a few other quotes prior to finding out about Square One and grew a bit frustrated from all the same questions (which you often don't know the answers to) leading to the same expensive premium. Square One got it right sinced they've aligned with modern society - quick, easy and online. :)

Happy with the staff's initiative.

I was happy with the cost and the initiative the staff took to call me twice. This was perfect amount that did not feel like harassment or being forgotten. An easy website to navigate and appreciated the promptness in receiving a letter and the promo of the card. Thanks!

Extremely competitive rates.

With so many different choices this ended up to be the cheapest rate by far and I still feel extremely comfortable with the amount of coverage! Also very easy and convenient to buy the policy online with different payment options.

Easy, friendly.

Square One made the process easy and the agent was friendly. The company I canceled with charged me 16% of my policy premium for just 3.6% of the year. I would never go back to them for that reason alone.

Awesome site.

I just submitted this and if everything comes in as it has been presented, this will be one of the best online experiences I have ever had. And, I was able to purchase EVERYTHING online!

New policy.

As an Insurance Agent myself (for a different company) I found the process of applying for my policy to be very smooth. Kris was very friendly and professional. I will be recommending to friends and family.

Amazing claims service!

When my bike was stolen, I was very upset. The staff at Square One were sympathetic and helpful. First, I was very impressed that the same agent helped me through the entire process so I did not need to repeat myself as with other services (i.e. telecoms, banks, etc). He explained what I needed to do clearly and replied quickly throughout my claim process. My claim was processed quickly and efficiently, and now I can enjoy the rest of my summer back on two wheels. Highly recommended! :)

- Tarina M. from Richmond, BC on Sep 15, 2014.
- Hector N. from Surrey, BC on Sep 11, 2014.
- Ketevan N. from Vancouver, BC on Sep 11, 2014.
- Yasmine R. from Toronto, ON on Sep 4, 2014.
- Afftab P. from Toronto, ON on Aug 29, 2014.
- Keith S. from Scarborough, ON on Aug 27, 2014.
- Marilyn M. from Mississauga, ON on Aug 20, 2014.
- Nathaniel B. from Langley, BC on Aug 19, 2014.
- Beth B. from Kingston, ON on Aug 19, 2014.
- Jennifer R. from Merritt, BC on Aug 19, 2014.
- Md Sazid I. from Ajax, ON on Aug 18, 2014.
- Luigi and Tina S. from Innisfil, ON on Aug 15, 2014.
- Jennifer M. from North York, ON on Aug 13, 2014.
- Brandon M. from Pitt Meadows, BC on Aug 11, 2014.
- Andrew F. from Thornhill, ON on Aug 11, 2014.
- Jessica W. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 9, 2014.
- Renee L. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 6, 2014.
- Mara D. from Mississauga, ON on Aug 6, 2014.
- Ronald B. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 4, 2014.
- Gurpreet J. from Surrey, BC on Jul 31, 2014.
- Stacie J. from Ottawa, ON on Jul 31, 2014.
- Richard D. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 31, 2014.
- Stephen R. from Pickering, ON on Jul 31, 2014.
- Linda A. from Maple Ridge, BC on Jul 30, 2014.
- Patricia G. from Vancouver, BC on Jul 30, 2014.

Switch to Square One

Wondering why you should switch to Square One? There are so many good reasons to switch, but here are the top three reasons:

  • You decide what specialty property you want to insure. That way, you only pay for the protection you need.
  • You are protected against all major loss types, including earthquakes, hail and wind storms, and sewer backups.
  • You can pay monthly, without a financing fee. And, you can cancel at any time, without a penalty.

Understand the quote process

It takes about 15 minutes to get a home insurance quote personalized to your needs. During the quote process, you’ll be asked for:

  • Basic personal information, including your name, phone number, email address and birth year.
  • The address of the home you would like to insure, and if you’ve moved in the past three years, your previous address.
  • Characteristics of your home and its use, and answers to a few underwriting questions.

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