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In as little as 10 minutes, you can get a free home insurance quote from Square One. In fact, you can get an online quote now. Simply enter your address in the space below and click “Get a free online quote now”. Or, you can get a phone quote by calling 1.855.331.6933.

Square One home insurance policies start at $10/month, making them among the most affordable in all of Canada. With us, you won’t be asked irrelevant questions or offered unneeded protection when you get a quote. Instead, you get to choose what to insure so you only pay for what you need. Square One is the only home insurance provider in Canada that lets you tailor your policy to your needs. That means you get more relevant protection and save money.

Once you’ve received a quote, you can review it online at any time. You can also make changes to it and buy it online if you desire. So, get your free home insurance quote now.

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Get an online quote now

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Call our toll-free number and one of our licensed agents will discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote.


You can also schedule an appointment during our office hours, which are 7:00 am to 5:30 pm (PT), Monday to Saturday.

Choose your policy type

Do you own or rent your home? Do you live in a house or a condo? At Square One, you choose from the following policy types:

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Protect your home

Most policies make you pay extra for critical protection you need. And, some policies only protect against specific loss types.

With Square One, you get comprehensive coverage that protects against all major loss types including break-ins, hail storms and fires. Plus, our policy automatically includes: